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Photo of Flower Essence Healer Elizabeth Patric of Spirtwater Gardens LLC
amidst thousands of lakes and forests
Spiritwater Gardens is located in Northern Wisconsin amidst thousands of lakes and forests. It is founded and owned by Elizabeth Patric. We focus on the co- creation of combinations of individual flower essences and offer more than 175 different formulations. Along with the flower essence combinations, we offer Remote Healing Energy Transmissions.
Elizabeth Patric | Founder & Owner

Elizabeth Patric grew up in the very heart of the Adirondack Wilderness of upstate New York. She is a flower essence therapist, energy healer, author and tantric yoga and meditation teacher with over 35 years of practice. She provides readings to help you get the best formulation & she co-creates with the help of non-physical nature beings of love and light frequencies.

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Flower Essence Collections
The Fleuressences Collection

The Fleuressences Collection

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The Glactic Grace Collection

The Galactic Grace Collection

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The Mary Essence Collection

The Mary Essence Collection

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The Fragrance Spray Collection

The Fragrance Spray Collection

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The I Believe in Nature Spirits Project
The map (below) shows the initial results (and very enthusiastic response!) of our I believe in Nature Spirits Project. Every single point on this global map signifies that there is a person there that is holding sacred space for non-physical nature spirits.
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