Client Testimonials

DISCLAIMER – Testimonials reflect the real life experiences of clients who have received energy healing services from Elizabeth Patric. However, individual results may vary. Elizabeth Patric does not claim, nor should the reader assume, that any individual experience recounted is typical or representative of what any other client might experience.

Testimonials on this website are also not intended, nor should they be construed, as claims that Elizabeth Patric’s energy healing services can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease or health condition. No testimonial has been clinically proven or evaluated, and no health claims have been made. Elizabeth Patric does not give any guarantee to provide any kind of health benefits.

“Elizabeth touches your heart and soul with infectious enthusiasm, unwavering beliefs and heart felt compassion. She has the unbelievable skill and knowledge to make you believe in yourself and she has such a desire to not just help each of us, but all of humanity. By making us feel excited that as we heal, we are also helping the healing of humanity, how truly special that is.”

“My package arrived in the mail and I opened it immediately.  Loving care was my 1st impression. Everything so lovingly wrapped and put together. Just started on the book and will begin my dosage this evening. My second impression was that I’m in good hands (real Good). Thanks again and I’ll be back soon.”

“We love these healing essences!!! They are so loving & empowering! I’m thrilled with the taste of Blue Diamond.
Your creativity is so inspiring!!! Bless & praise you in all ways.”

“I am extremely grateful to you for your patience with my depth of healing that needs to take place monthly. “
“It was a powerful session. I could tell you were “in the zone”. Thanks for this wonderful service!”

“I wanted to wait a few weeks to make sure that the way I feel is long-lasting. So far, I have only had one day that I felt depressed. So, thank you, the essences you sent are helping during the day. I still have tough nights — not exactly nightmares, but very sad or angst-filled dreams. {These are her issues clearing.} Hopefully you can suggest something for that. Now that I am feeling better, I would like to improve as an artist, so if you could add that to your prayers for me, I would be grateful. Thanks you always for everything you do for me. I appreciate you.”

Hi Elizabeth: Thank you for your reply. I have been doing the LaHoChi sessions three times a week. A few weeks ago I was surprised because I was seeing white light traveling down my upper arms and also saw white light from shoulder to shoulder. I do hold a lot of tension up in my shoulders and lower neck there and have been working with that to relax those areas. I saw white light in my heart (not sure what chamber). I also saw what looked like white lace seam binding, an inch wide wrapping around my second chakra and heard the word “reweaving”. I thought all this was pretty “cool”. Also I was guided to go into my eighth chakra which I did and saw very bright white/yellow light. This is all very intriguing and I am into it and enjoying it more and more. Learning my own energy, etc., how it feels and so on is just super.

I’ve been more open, feeling freer from my past and looking to identify my true talents and abilities and, having the confidence and clarity to do something with them that will help others. My confidence is building in breaking free from the limitations of my family and, I’m embracing living my true path, (noticing how I’m being guided).

“The essences will help me, I’m sure, to get me back to me.”

I have a small report for you! Transmission miracles. Last Thursday eve when the transmission came I was able to actually feel the pulses of energy distinctly for the first time. It started in my feet and vibrated my whole body. Then paused, then vibrated again. Secondly, as you know _________ (husbands) intention was to slim down and he HAS, within 5 lbs. of his ideal weight, almost easily. I am now on the same program! LOL and as you know he is interviewing for a new employment position. He is having great success, has a favorite, which is a significantly more exciting opportunity than he had imagined previously, and several companies are interviewing him for really great jobs. He’s in the third or fourth round with each them! And it looks like he will get offers from all four. Victory! He loves having a choice. We are selling our home and relocating, regardless of which position he accepts, and all the work associated with that, including finding contractors, is going great. I always say “Send me an Angel!” when I start my search for workers and so far that’s what I have had! I love the super practical aspects of these energy transmissions, in part because of the tangible ‘proof’ I get to see in 3D. The Release Trauma in tandem with the transmissions is really working! You may remember I have been dealing with considerable PTSD from my last move here, about 18 months ago, and the difficult move-in process. I was concerned that starting this process would exacerbate it. It has NOT! I am able to maintain such Presence and for the most part calm. It has been a revelation to me, to have this different experience of myself in the greatest stress. The cosmic forests are such a balm to my soul.”

“Also, I am having a really interesting experience with Nourish the One. This evening, I prepared a pot of delicious vegetable stew and it felt like an act of devotion.–From washing the vegetables to chopping and stirring, I felt it was more communion with Creator than just cooking. It felt like God was happy that I had chosen the beautiful foods which He created for us. Thank you for this essence!”
“I am beyond excited and feel the LOVE of Divine Mary as we hung up the phone I was overwhelmed with her presence of Love! I gave my Gratitude and Love and Blessings!”
“I am sorry to be so slow at sending you our endless gratitude, Elizabeth and Betty.”
“__________ (a prisoner at Folsom Prison) has opened up IMMENSELY during the month of December to my great amazement and joy!!!!!!! He was thankful “for the healings and prayers attuned to nature”. May abundant blessings flow.”
“__________ and I wanted to tell you how much we appreciated you taking time out of your busy schedule to explain the essences.”
“You do so well communicating through metaphors. Is that you or the divine communicating through you? It does a lot to create understanding. I always value it from your email newsletters.“
“You are the 2nd person with expanded thinking, who I trust, who recently told they aren’t big on meditation. I thought that was really interesting.“
“I say “Oh, Elizabeth,” because I was immediately done in. Awed, I should say. Justwith the divine package there in front of me, I was affected. Unwrapping it all was wave and wave of — what can it be called but bliss? I was close to tears of joy. Your consciousness is a great gift.Betty sure did a great job of packing. And how prepared and complete and beautiful, everything you do. You are organized simply and wonderfully. You are out of the realm of relative life. Now before I take the drops and use the spray, I feel like I must clean my little place and be dressed up myself. At the same time, I can’t wait another moment. Thank You, God, for Spiritwater Gardens.”
“_________ & I just opened up your Beautiful creations so beautifully wrapped with Love!!!”
“Thank you for this gift and blessing and all the blessings you have sent our way in 2015!!!”
“I’m personally very excited about my journey with ‘Creative Journey Journal’ that is about to unfold!!!”
“We are so grateful for the boost to our healing journey through the various flower essences, sprays and Remote Healings we received from you!!! “
“I thought you would enjoy knowing that our black boy cat _______ big 18 lb. 11 year old Prince of His Own Planet, now comes and rounds us up when it is time for your energy transmissions! He is relentless, herding us a few minutes before and making sure we pay attention. He adores the transmissions, knows their value to us, and is a great advocate for our best behavior! So precious!”
“I have been using the essence you sent me and I had a fun experience with it on Sunday. I volunteer at a horse rescue that is next to orchards on two sides. I have seen hawks there on a few occasions. Yesterday however, I was with a friend and we saw 5 hawks (usually we only see 3 at the most at one time). 2 of them definitely seemed to be getting a look at me! Really fun. I haven’t had the chance to go to the raptor center. Curious about how that might go. Just thought you would like to know.”
“Thank you sooo much for the Beautiful Remote Healing last night!!!”
“I awoke 3X to empty my bladder last night..which is unusual…and today at work I feel sooo happy and Peaceful and balanced…so fullfilled!!!”
“__________said he awoke and found all the aches and pains had left his body overnight!!!
We both cherish each Healing!!!”
“I am so glad I followed my inner guidance to contact you and try the essences.”
“Thanks you so much for your reading. I am crying as I ‘m writing this to you cause all of what you touched on hit home.”
I’m sooo thrilled that the Scientific world is recognizing the power of Remote Healings and our interconnectedness!!!”
“Thank you for your contribution to Science!!! Please continue sending the Remote Healings our way as you have been! We are all awakening Tuesday mornings feeling ‘On Top of our worlds’!!! And Thank you sooo much for your Special Christmas Gift to us!!! We are feeling sooo Blessed!!!”

“Liz, have been thinking of you and your guides and we are so grateful for all that you and your guides do. We have continued to heal in so many ways.”

“I am so grateful for all that you and the universe is bringing to me. I feel charmed and protected as well as directed and supported on my new path!”
“I also want to share my experience with you. Over the past few years my paperwork and books and other misc. items have been piling up in my sun room and old computer room (we now converted to a bedroom.) I just never got around to organizing either room. Well, yesterday, I just decided that I needed to do that. I cleaned both rooms, throwing away numerous papers and donating books and other objects to goodwill. I even told _________ that he could sell an old desk and chair that was in there (handy for me to throw papers and books on) and an old dresser that was in the bedroom. Both the rooms look and feel so much better and I did too. Then today, as I was looking through some of your flower essences, I saw LIGHTENED UP and realized that I had just started taking it about a week ago. That’s why I felt so inspired to get rid of so much stuff !!! I’m so glad I was taking this essence and so is ____________. I love sitting in the sun room now.”
“Thank you for including __________ (client’s son) in the Healings!!!He is a much happier and more responsible young man lately…and a real Joy to be around!!!”
“SO much is beginning to happen for us…. not fully flowered but some great green shoots becoming visible. I am noticing most of all that my PRESENCE is landing and anchoring and broadcasting in a very new way. Many family traumas are allowing me to notice how my reactions have changed. Big changes for _________ and me – he is going to be changing employment and so perhaps our location will shift as well. Hmmmmm.”

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