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Hi Everyone! How has your summer been? I hope everyday you know that you, yes, YOU are a miracle flourishing on a miraculous planet. I hope that your roots are firmly set, your stem has grown up, your leaves are green and enjoying the sun and the rain, you are budding...

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Remote Healing September

Hi Everyone! Today we begin our fantastic remote healing program for September that is giving everyone such great results. look at the testimonials I received just last week from two individuals that just started the program and one (last one) who has been in my...

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Monthly Auto Ship Program

We have had our monthly auto-ship program in place for at least 12 years and still have monthly clients that started way back then receiving their monthly package of deva flower energies!!!! Everyone on this program loves getting their package, beautifully wrapped by...

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Limiting Beliefs

Hi Everyone!!! Ok, listen up. Getting clear of limiting beliefs about your own self interacting with everyone around you is the roller coaster that you need to ride sometimes in some of the social interaction stuff that can knock you off course. There are some kinda...

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Twin Flame Reunion

" I am the most complete expression of the twin flame reunion in all of its glory, passion, and grace." "Come to me, my children. Here, gather round, yes close to me in this portal that we know of as the Rainbow Garden. Here, pay attention, for I want to tell you a...

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Twin Flame

Hi Everyone! The cosmic energies are focused on the reunion of the Twin Flame Relationship in these times. What an auspicious time to reunite. If all couples could fully manifest the qualities of the Twin Flame Relationship, it would seem that there would be almost...

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Hi Everyone!!!!I just received a message from Universal Mother this morning that she will be administering 4 TWIN FLAME BLESSINGS for the next 4 nights to finish off her Month of Mary. And even if you are not signed up for any remote healing program, you can receive...

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"More in not better, enough is better."        "My children, I am Mary and we stand here within the portal of the Rainbow Garden of Love and Light and we delight in seeing all of you. When I say "we" I mean legions of non-physical beings, all of love and light...

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"I am the complete expression of my fifth dimensional sexuality and I forgive all past sexual traumas." Universal Mother Mary prompted me to use the following quotation from Lisa Chase Patterson to help us to understand the service of her gift of the flower essence...

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