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Plants that Didn’t Receive Energy 

Photo of Squash That Received No Energy Transmission
Plants that Received Energy Transmissions
Photo of Squash Plants That Received Energy Transmissions
Received Energy Verses No Energy
Plants that Did Not Receive Energy Transmissions as Contrasted to Those that Did

Scientific Research

Documentation of the healing abilities of healers became a huge priority for Elizabeth (and should for you too!) after realizing, through discussion and observation with her new clients, that some of the “new age” healing modalities that they were trying, were not giving the desired results. Given her abilities to “see” energetic fields and perceive negative imprints and programming that disturbed or compromised the life force field, it was clear that undesirable imprints were not being cleared and even more unsettling, she could see that in many cases, her clients and practitioners were taking on some of the imbalances into their own energy fields.

“Octaves” of Healing Modalities

Elizabeth Patric began administering remote healing energy transmissions in 1997, beginning with the discovery of the amazing energies of Lao Tzu that he has made available to us in his Ascended Master state. (See her website It is an easily learned, effective energy healing system and is noted for its “Seal of Protection” so that the healer does not “pick up” the negative imprints and programming of the client. As you begin to understand your multidimensional self, you will comprehend how there are “octaves” or frequencies of energies available to us that will address the different layers of our energetic totality. Lao Tzu’s energy originates from what is known as the 13th octave.

Over the years Elizabeth has learned and assimilated other octaves of healing and transforming energies that she offers. There are beautiful Angelic and Ascended Master frequencies that come from various octaves, the most sublime Universal Mother Mary energies coming from the 15th octave and amazingly powerful energies from the Nature Spirits of love and light frequencies that come from the 17th octave.

About the Photos Shown Above

Elizabeth discovered (and offers her own version of ) the Trivedi healing energy transmissions in early 2010 and has intensively studied these energies with Mahendra Trivedi for over 12 years (In his prestigious Master Healer Program) and continues to do so. These powerful energies interested Elizabeth because there was an emphasis on scientific research and documentation. She has participated in several of his remote healing research projects and the photos above come from one of the projects. The photo on the upper left shows what is called a control group of squash plants that did not receive any energy transmissions. The photo in the center shows plants that received 5 healing energy transmissions. The photo on the right shows a comparison of the root systems of the plants receiving energy transmissions as contrasted with the ones that did not.

Over and over again it can be demonstrated that the plants receiving healing energy transmissions have more stamina, strength, pizzaz, vitality, more deeply colored leaves, healthier veining in the leaves, less disease, less pests, stronger stems, and a much stronger and more complex root system. Also the plants always have a “good feeling for the eyes” and demonstrate a more exalted, “glad to be alive” look to them. If plants can benefit like this, why can’t you?

Your Soul Decides From a “Buffet” of Energies of Love and Light Frequencies

When administering healing energy transmissions for your healing and transformation, Elizabeth connects your soul to the God of your understanding and then you and your soul decide and partake of any of the energies of love and light frequencies that are available. Being able to partake of the energies of various octaves allows for your healing to proceed in grace and ease. A power line cannot receive Niagara Falls all at once. The energy has to be stepped down through “transformers” to get all that power. It is the same for your healing, you must take steps, energetically for your complete transformation into your most unlimited potential and expression of your soul destiny. Along with the Flower Essence Collections, you have an unprecedented pathway to become the most enlightened blueprint of your body, mind and spirit.

Problems and Challenges that Are Addressed by Remote Energy Transmissions

There are literally hundreds of ways that the healing transmissions can benefit you. These healing transmissions work not only on the mind and body, but also on the level of soul and spirit. As the needs of the soul and spirit are addressed, you will find that the overall health of your mind and body also improves. Some of the common challenges that can be addressed are:

-Improvement of Sleep

-Reduction of Anxiety and Worry

-Elimination of Fear of the Future

-Ability to Deal With Stress

-Clearing and Releasing Old Trauma

-Dissolving Depression

-Quieting Chatter and Mental Overwhelm

-Establishing Inner Focus

-Remaining Calm no Matter what the Chaos in Your Surroundings

-Overcoming the Inability to Make a Decision

-Improving Ability to Hear Divine Guidance

-Overcoming Low Confidence and Self Esteem

-Brings About Increased Energy and Vitality

-Sustains Greater Feelings of Self Worth and Worthiness

-Eliminates Mood Swings

-Clears Emotional Trauma

-Improved Relationships

-Enhanced Immune System Function

-Brings to the Surface Subconscious Situations So that You Gain Clarity

-Improves Our Ability to Perceive Our Lives in a Positive Way

-Highly Benefits Our Knowledge as to Our Soul Destiny

-Helps You to Know the Deepest Desires of Your Soul and Spirit

-As You Address the Needs of Your Soul and Spirit, Your Mind and Body Improve As Well

-Access and Fine Tuning to New Frequencies

Specific Instructions for Receiving Energy Transmissions from Elizabeth

Contact Elizabeth or call her at 1-715-272-1593 if you are interested. She will want to talk with you, sense your situation or “landscape” and get to know the members of your household, including pets, plants, and your surroundings. She will be able to activate the non-physical nature spirits of love and light frequencies in your environment.

Remote healing transmissions are administered any day of the week during your sleep. We typically prefer Monday and Thursday nights as suggested by higher guidance, but any arrangement can be made. Energies are activated at a time that we arrange together, generally a two hour window that is designated by the usual time that you go to sleep. Elizabeth works with any time zone.

Prices for Energy Transmission Healing

Remember that these prices include everyone in the household. All family members, pets, plants, the house itself, the surroundings on all octaves are included. The healings take place while you sleep which has been shown by research to be the time that you are most receptive to these energies (as well as being very convenient!). Also the energies can be assimilated and integrated all night long.

Other Thoughts:

1) The energies that you will receive are guided by your soul and spirit. Without your intentions and desires, you would not receive these energies. What you receive is what is auspicious for you and what you, your higher self and the God of your understanding have decided on. One participant might receive gentle heart energies, while another might experience a huge blast of shakti, while another may not feel anything. It is best not to judge your experience, but the important thing is to think about the accomplishments and results of the healings.

2) Remember, you are the one that is shaping the healing, you will receive exactly what you can experience, integrate, translate and assimilate in grace and ease. Elizabeth does not determine what you need. You and your soul and your spirit along with the God of your understanding determine this.

3) If you feel groggy after a healing, this is not a “bad” symptom. It means that you had quite a transformation and are still adjusting to the difference in your frequencies.

4) If you find that you are tired, do your best to get a little more sleep. Just because you are initially tired, it doesn’t mean you will always be tired after a transmission. It just means that there is a lot of healing taking place and the highest quality healing takes place during high quality sleep. By listening to your body and its possible need for sleep and acting on that, you will set up better communications with your body and it will know that you are going to take care to get plenty of sleep and it will be able to enthusiastically bring momentum to your healing and transformation.

5) Some evenings you will receive more energy from one type or another. The divine decides and that decision is based wholly on what you want and also the deepest desires of the soul and spirit which you may not be as aware of. It is easy for the energies to co-mingle. Your body, mind and spirit may need different octaves. One may want the Lao Tzu energies while another might want the Universal Mother Mary energies, while another might want the Trivedi Shakti. It is all good!!! Currently, our evolving light bodies may want to receive “chords” or frequencies. Much like a piano can play one note, or play chords of notes, so we are needing chords of octaves for our most complete expression of God’s Grace for our totality. All of these energies can be received in a harmonious way. All of these energies are specified each and every time to be of only love and light frequencies.

6) Elizabeth loves to receive your intentions and will help you to articulate them so that they demonstrate the most clarity. It is a very good exercise to articulate using words, what you want for your continued healing and transformation. Using your voice to declare to the universe will bring you great blessings. You have to meet the muse at least half way, and it will respond a 100 fold at least! You can always add the default caveat – “this or something the divine wants for my full expression of God’s Grace.”

7) Remember to turn off radios, TVs, computers, music etc. The more of this kind of dissonance that can be turned off, the more likely it is that you can receive the really subtle frequencies that will nudge you towards the most complete expansion of your awareness and consciousness.

8) Do be patient, all is in perfect divine order and our healing and transformation take its own time. Just as a child takes 9 months to develop in the mother’s womb, your own process is going to take its own time.

Elizabeth Patric | Founder & Owner
Elizabeth Patric is the founder and owner of Spiritwater Gardens LLC, where she co-creates with the help of non-physical nature beings of love and light frequencies, Flower Essence Combinations that address our physical, mental, emotional, sexual, relationship, financial and spiritual challenges for our healing and transformation. She grew up in the very heart of the Adirondack Wilderness of upstate New York.  She is a flower essence therapist, energy healer, author and tantric yoga and meditation teacher with over 35 years of practice. Elizabeth is a certified and registered yoga teacher at the highest credentialed level RYT 500 ED. She has certified yoga instructors at her Northwoods Yoga School which she founded.  She is author of both Flowerspeak – The Flower Whisperer’s Guide to Health, Happiness and Awakening and a manual on a form of healing whose energies originate from Lao-Tzu entitled LaHoChi – High Frequency Hands- on Healing. ( Currently, Elizabeth is passionate about astral biology and writing her third book tentatively titled The Metaphysical Naturalist – Reconnecting with Nature for Healing and Expansion of Consciousness.

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