Hi Everyone!!!
I do hope you had a simply wonder filled holiday season! I
know for me it was one of the best ever! It was completely free of all drama and
full of love, laughter, fun, inner peace and serenity.
And I wish you an incredible New Year that exceeds all of your expectations!

Hey you all, I am in need of some well written testimonials!
You all are constantly telling me how much you love the
flower essences, the mentoring program, the Remote Healing
Program and my book Flowerspeak.
How I would love to have these comments in writing! To
get this project rolling, I am offering a free flower
essence (with the purchase of at least one other) at no
charge!!!!! And yes, I will do a reading for the best one for
you!! So to summarize:
WHAT – I need testimonials and you could always use one of
the best flower essence combinations on the planet that we
make here at SPIRITWATER GARDENS!!! (Maybe to support a
New Year’s Resolution?????)
WHEN – You have one week from today!!!! Why not do it
WHERE – Reply to this email with your testimonial and I will
send you instructions SO THAT YOU CAN RECEIVE YOUR FREE
WHY – Did you know that when you have to articulate
something in writing it amplifies the healing you can receive on
an energetic level? And also, just so important – when you
share with others it inspires them to take action!!!
Many love and light blessings, elizabeth (P.S. *You do have to
buy one essence at the regular price and pay for shipping and
handling, but you do receive another essence at no extra
charge. That is a $30 savings!!! Does not apply to fragrance