Hi Everyone! The cosmic energies are focused on the reunion of the Twin Flame
Relationship in these times. What an auspicious time to reunite. If all couples could fully

manifest the qualities of the Twin Flame Relationship, it would seem that there would be
almost instant peace on Earth. I know that my twin flame is always saying that if every
man could experience these Twin Flame energies, there would be no wars on our
As I have written in a previous newsletter, you need to reach a certain state of
consciousness to be easily and gracefully in a complete exquisite expression of the
relationship. You want to work to constantly upgrade your consciousness to magnetize
in this relationship in perfect divine order. Then you will know a meltingly intimate
relationship that is hard to describe in words. There is a large life force aura around the
two of you that is full of bliss and inner peace, and others enjoy being around the two
of you. There are angels that are cultivating this relationship and the essence that we
have for that is ANGELIC PRESENCE. (See website – products are in alphabetical order
under PRODUCTS A – Z.) Here are some other attibutes of the Twin Flame relationship.
The photo above shows the first attribute of the Twin Flame Relationship:
1. The Twin Flame Relationship is deeply and intensely passionate in an elemental way.
As if all of the elements in nature are coming together to create the most profound and
exquisite alchemy.

This photo shows several attibutes of the Twin Flame Relationship:

2. When you first meet your Twin Flame you will notice that your senses are amplified
to the extent that you are alert in ways that you had not noticed before. Your sense of
taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing become much more acute. Also, nature,
somehow seems to be pushing you together. For example, I first met my twin on a
calm day, but the winds came up instantly as I looked into his eyes. As if nature was

alerting me with a sign.

3. There is a strong desire to put your energy fields together in the Twin Flame
Relationship and it starts with the heart and the third eye. The energies are like the
strongest magnets imaginable. The heart energy starts way before you physically meet
and I can only describe it as two huge rivers (think like Amazon and Mississippi!) coming
together. Couples can find that they want to put their third eyes together even before
they are physically intimate at other levels of their energetic totality.
4. There is a sense of completion when you are with your Twin Flame. There is no
emptiness. Even the concept of being empty is forgotten. There is a total feeling that
the glass is full. You feel at one with the cosmos. If you get confused or distracted and
move towards another relationship, you will feel that emptiness creep back into the
relationship that distracted you. You will have a longing that something is not right and
you will instinctively move out of that relationship and back to the more fulfilling one. (I

realize this might take lifetimes!!! But hopefully not in these times)

5. In the Twin Flame relationship you just want, you can’t help but want, to be in the
other person’s pranic field. In other words you are very comfortable breathing each
other’s breath and you do that to more fully “complete” each other. It is a very natural
and instinctive thing to do this and it creates the most profound sensation. I consider
this to be a good “acid test” that you are in the Twin Flame Relationship if you are

comfortable with this criteria or attribute.

6. Each of you are very different. I am always hearing a client say that the potential
partner is “so different.” Or not at all like me. “We don’t have much in common,” is
another comment that I hear. Exactly! You were one being and because humanity
chose freewill as a learning curve, there had to be a way to create a polarization. So

we were separated into a yin and yang.

You will find that you are each very different and that makes the whole relationship

even more interesting!!!!!