I just read a wonderful book entitled The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben. Scientists have adopted the term “wood wide web” that describes how information is being exchanged throughout the forest, not only between trees of the same species, but also between varieties of trees, flowers, shrubs, ferns and fungus. We tend to think of trees as “competing with each other” and this is because of old learning paradigms related to what is taught in a typical forestry class. Based on the latest research, it is shown that equitable
distribution of information and resources is the preferred norm among all trees, and probably among all growing things. As long as the ecology is healthy in the forest, all of the living species are in communication with each other. However, if the researchers step into a farm field for example, there is no communication going down among the plants. What attracts us to the healthy forests and wilderness? Well of course all of the wonderful scents, textures, and sounds, but on a whole other level, we may also be attracted to the intimate communication network that make up the entire forest environment. To comprehend that everyone in the forest is understanding each other and sharing in a myriad of ways that we humans are just beginning to understand, I believe, brings us comfort and harmony.
The more grounded that you are the more confident and courageous you can be. Not only that, but the more that you dig your roots down into the earth, the higher you can raise your “antennas” to realms that otherwise you remain unaware of. When you work with the subtle energies, the importance of being grounded cannot be over emphasized!!
The three plants shown in this photo were part of a scientific research project that I participated in that resulted in showing that squash plants that received no healing energies has much smaller roots systems as contrasted to those that received 5 remote healings. I was really surprised by the results of this study, especially as it relates to roots. On the surface, yes there were benefits appearing, but what you couldn’t see that was happening as the plants received the healings, was that the root growth was tremendous. You know I love analogies, and I liken these roots, the part you can’t see, to our own energetic system, the huge part of each of us that you cannot see. The more powerful our energetic totality becomes, the greater our abilities to most completely express our unlimited potential. And yay, we get to move around, unlike our stable and grounded friends, the trees!!! And how wonderful is that that our tree friends are doing this for us (say nothing of the fact that they are the reason that we can breathe!!!)

What Is the Root of all these Words? One thing: love. But a love so deep and sweet It needed to express itself With scents, sounds, colors That never before Existed. (Hafiz)

“I am thrilled with the reading. Thanks so much. It is such a relief and pure joy
You Can Still Sign Up for Remote Healings For December!
to have met you. What a bonus to actually be in conversation and share ideas, to hear your story and gain understanding in your divine work. I really have not heard of anything quite like it. Using essences for clarity and worthiness sounds fantastic. Hook me up”
” I actually cracked up as I read the info for my reading on RELEASE TRAPPED EMOTIONS,etc, and the bubbling sensation that was described because I have had that going on in my body for quite some time, and have consistently tried to describe it as such to health practitioners who seem to have no idea what I’m talking about! You are always so right on with my readings and I am always grateful.”
“And, Elizabeth….we cannot bear to miss any of your prayers!!! You have done great wonders for _______ and _______since this has begun!!”

You can order remote healings at www.spiritwatergardens.com. Remember that they are for not only you, but for everyone in the household at no extra charge and this is the perfect season to be giving such a nurturing gift to family and friends. There are dozens of benefits to receiving these healings, check under the “Remote Healing” tab on the homepage. I am also available for direction for choosing flower essences. Read more under the Complimentary Reading tab at the home page of the website, reply to this email or call 715-272-1593. Also this is the last call for mentoring applicants. I have placed the information below one last time. We will not start until April 1st, but you will want to have your application in place within a week, as all decisions will be made by January 1st, 2017 for next year. Divine guidance says that I will only be able to work with 8 for 2017. Many love and light blessings, elizabeth Mentoring Program 2017 (We will not start until April) VISION STATEMENT – “We together, envision a world where each one of us is more consciously tapped into and harnessing seen and unseen universal love and light energies and forces that bring about healing, transformation and expansion of consciousness. Our co-creative efforts give rise to a greater unity of all that is and bring comprehensive shifts that will shape the Heaven on Earth we have all dreamed of.” OVERVIEW – Would you like to more fully acknowledge the innate beauty and creative potential of your soul and spirit? Would you like to become the most unique flowering of your authentic and magnificent co-creative expression? Would you like to make a difference on our dear Gaia? Elizabeth’s unique mentoring program may be just what you are looking for. Elizabeth has been mentoring her clients through readings and informal mentoring for over 15 years. She has recently set up a formal way to study with her. This mentoring program concentrates on two broad areas:
1. The first area of concentration is on the co-creative process. The process of co-creation holds the awareness that there are vast arenas of knowledge and assistance which we know very little about. At SPIRITWATER GARDENS we have always set the intention to co-create our products with guidance from non-physical realms of love and light frequencies (which include the deva and nature spirit energies!). This perspective from “upstairs” gives us the ability to see the whole picture. Like a traffic helicopter is able to observe so much more from the air, we want to be able to observe more than just what we can see from our car. We don’t even know for sure, what is around the next bend.
One of the assignments during your mentoring program will be to use the co-creative process to bring one (or several ) of your visions or ideas into physical manifestation with the assistance of your co-creative team. 2. The second broad area of focus for the mentoring program is based on the idea that everyone has different needs, so the program is individualized for each client. This is not a cookie cutter program. Elizabeth will intuit, through divine guidance, the specific areas where the client can grow, build momentum and breakthrough in order to reach his or her fullest potential. Specific discussion, healing, (including a variety of ways to self heal), channeled messages, affirmations, readings, exercises and other assignments will be given, based on the needs of each individual. Once you have completed the program, an invitation is extended to you to join our WISDOM KEEPERS CIRCLE. You will belong to a community of like-minded individuals that you can trust and will support and nurture you. As divine guidance guides us, we will work together on co-creative projects around the globe. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN THROUGH THIS MENTORING PROGRAM:
1. Learn to confidently be fully engaged in a passionate expression of your soul destiny path. 2. Learn how to connect with and harness the energies of the non-physical realms of love and light frequencies for your co-creative projects. 3. Learn new healing modalities and know the different “signature energies” of each modality. 4. Learn more details and specifically know who to work with as it relates to the diverse and endless assistance from the divine realms. 5. What characteristics the divine is looking for in a person that wants to co-create. 6. How to recognize when you are giving up too much of your inner authority to an outside “guru” and what to do about it. 7. Learn the 6 red flags that let you know that you are not on your soul destiny path. 8. How to hear the divine inner guidance over all the other voices that come from emotions, peers, family and other conditioning. 9. How the challenging situations and difficult terrain are improving your progress. 10. Individualized steps (based on guidance) to help you to find your passion and most authentic self. 11. Uncover the authentic and accomplished healer and bring healing and transformation for yourself and others. 12. How to calibrate anything to see if it is supporting or compromising your entire energetic totality. What to do if those around you are not understanding or supporting you. 13. How to be more fully and divinely guided moment by moment. 14. How to experience more divine timing, miraculous coincidences, and karma – less, shape-shifting solutions. 15. What Nature Medicine is and how it can help you heal and transform.
16. . A specific co-creative healing process for plants, trees, gardens and beyond. 17. Receiving and administering co-creative healings from Universal Mother Mary (or other ascended beings). 18. Specific exercises to “raise your antenna” to capture cosmic activations and downloads. 19. De-cluttering social circles and social media and redefining our boundaries. 20. Learn to experience more and more pleasure each day by enjoying the true and inspiring charm of the journey. 21. Recognition and an invitation to join our WISDOM KEEPERS CIRCLE. (All graduates are invited once they have completed all of the facets of the program.) 22. Overcoming your fear to take the first (or next) step. 23. Essential ritual for any co-creative activity. 24. And much, much more depending on your specific skill set and path!!!!

TIME FRAME FOR MENTORING PROGRAM: Through divine intuition, Elizabeth has been guided to create a great deal of flexibility into the mentoring program. However we do honor a few parameters. Over the period of 6, 9 or 12 months, three COMPREHENSIVE SESSIONS (each 1 and ½ hour long (we go as long as we need too!!!) are scheduled. These longer sessions include assignments, messages, readings, affirmations, exercises, healings and other training as intuited before and during the call. Also the client has prepared questions in any area of life that are shared and answered through divine guidance during the call. Each COMPREHENSIVE SESSION is followed by what we call the FOLLOW UP SESSION, (usually about 25 -30 minutes) which is scheduled about 1 month after each COMPREHENSIVE SESSION. Also during the period of the mentoring program, you have unlimited access to Elizabeth through email and short conversations if necessary. Payment is due at each of the three COMPREHENSIVE SESSIONS.


The first step to take to be interviewed for Elizabeth’s mentoring program is to contact her and she will have you fill out a questionnaire. This questionnaire determines whether the needs of the client can be fulfilled through the program. If this is the case, Elizabeth will call you personally to review each of your answers, one by one, taking the time to gain further knowledge as it relates to the “landscape” of the client. If a win-win situation is apparent, your first COMPREHENSIVE SESSION is set up!!!!!!!!!!

COST Each of the 3 COMPREHENSIVE SESSIONS is $600 due several days before each call. There is no charge for each the FOLLOW UP SESSIONS.

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