Hi Everyone! As we move into mid-April, my gardens outside are still not ready to be
prepared for planting, but look at the plants flourishing in my terrarium! There are
plenty of tips online as to how to start your own indoor garden.You can purchase this

beautiful terrarium that is shown with its removable top at H Potter. The pink
flowering plant on the left is a miniature Violet and I have found them to flourish in
terrariums. You probably can spot the fairy behind the Pink Violet! Behind her is a
sensitive fern. I love the stalk of flowers that is growing right out of the terrarium – it is
a member of the Begonia family.


There was a lot of response to the last newsletter about letting go of the whole
concept of worrying. The divine guidance shares with us that once we are aligned
with that voice of intuition, our need for using our precious energy for worrying is no
longer necessary. I found this wonderful poem by Rumi which I think is so perfect.
Remember that Universal Mother Mary has gifted us with the flower essence
combination for support with letting go of worrying called WORRY NOT. It really

All your worry
Has proved such an
Find a better



“The degree of connection is all just beyond anything I could have ever envisioned.
It’s clear we have work to do. The amplification of my frequency and his as we are
around each other is truly divine. I am learning about my own communication and his
all the time. I am seeing what it’s like to remain balanced and in my power but remain
receptive all the time. It is worth every tear I have shed and then some.” {This is from

a woman who has met her twin flame and been working so hard to expand and refine
her consciousness so that this exquiste relationship can reach its full potential. She
signed him up for SPECIAL PRAYERS. She also receives healing through my Remote
Healing Program and has taken ALL of the essences that we offer that support the
Twin Flame Relationship in all its glory.}


“This session of SPECIAL PRAYERS seems to be far more advanced than in previous
times. I’ve been vacationing in Florida during the 2nd phase. And I must say I’ve never
experienced the beauty nor the Lightness of this locale although I’ve been visiting it
for the last 60 yrs. It’s almost otherworldly. My friend who flew in from San Diego and I
have spent hrs daily in uplifting spiritual conversations as well.I attribute the high level
of these discussions to be the effect of Special Prayers.Thank you for the fire
ceremonies and the prayers. We are all really blessed!” {This woman is also enrolled
in my Remote Healing Program, see the website (button below) and on the menu
page, choose “HEALING PROGRAMS.”}

Elizabeth! I have been meaning to tell you how transformative your last special
prayers sessions were for me! It was just non-stop positivity and being filled with
strength, inspiration, happiness and creativity! It felt so amazing on all the levels –
spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically! Wow! Thank you so much for the
being the beautiful inspiration and conduit for these wonderful and powerful special
prayers! {This lovely lady along with her husband have been enrolled in my Remote
Healing Program for years!”}
Have a blessed week full of love and light blessings, elizabeth