Hi Everyone!!! You may want to know in advance that SPECIAL PRAYERS start September 20
and you can qualify for free SPECIAL PRAYERS if you sign up for 8 healings for the month of
September! The 10 days of SPECIAL PRAYER will be absolutely free. If you sign up soon
enough, you will also receive the TWIN FLAME HEALING on August 31st also at no extra charge.
This is an early bird advantage special so please let me know if you would like to do this as soon
as you can. The divine wants you to have great momentum for your SPECIAL PRAYERS
period!!!!!!! (We can arrange this to be in two payments if you would like).

SPECIAL PRAYERS is an auspicious spiritual tradition that has taken place for hundreds of years
in eastern Asian countries. This period of 10 days, that happens both in the spring and the fall, is
part of a natural cycle supported by earth rhythms and cycles. Just as there is a great spiritual
infusion of introspection and spiritual upliftment in the fall to our planet, so you also can take part in
this charging of your spiritual batteries for expansion of consciousness in the fall.
There have been and continue to be whisperings of a great spiritual awakening on the North
American continent. You can feel the rightness of that in our bones right even if on the surface
things appear to be total chaos, which is a way to dig deep down and bring everything up to the
surface to clear. North America will be a destination in the future (starting even now) for spiritual
aspirants. The importance of embedding this earth based ritual celebration (and boy to we need it
for practical reasons right now too) on this continent cannot be over emphasized and higher
guidance assures us that the benefits for humanity and the earth are both miraculous and

profoundly transformative.

Your decision to partake of this very special opportunity will bring wonderful expansion in all
areas of your life. When you step up to this “charging up” of your spiritual “batteries, you harness
the grace of the divine in a greatly amplified way. The divine will take care of everything in your
life in profoundly nurturing ways, for myself, it has been beyond anything that I could have


Now, for this fall time of the year there is an increase in introspection, visions for our dreams,
inner revelation, and great spiritual growth potential. The opposite qualities that can come at this

time of year are depression, hopelessness, despair and feeling sorry for ourselves. We want to
kick out these qualities that do not serve us in any way any longer. We want instead to greatly
expand our inner lives as much as we expanded our outer lives in the spring and summer. You

will have wonderful energies that magnetize in these potentialities.
Like the flower, at this time of year, we are more like the seed, gathering inward, inner
dedication, commitment, working on our roots, doing the incubating and the hibernating. Huge
healing, deep rest, and great births can come from these energies. Remember, the flower is not
depressed while it is more interior. It is building its potential and there is great inner excitement
and passion. Choose this flourishing of the flower in your life! It brings so much fulfillment! You will

be saturated. You cup will be overflowing.

In the fall, the energies are amplified receptions of chi (energy) from the universes and beyond.
They are received at the level of the atom. They support purposes mentioned above. Many of you
have shared how you felt like a magnet as these energies flew towards you, like iron filings to a
magnet, as they accumulated into your energetic totality. This is because you are naturally very

receptive at this time for these energies.
Some other reflections on SPECIAL PRAYER overall:

1. During Special Prayer there is a change of compass direction if the client needs it. It is only
during these auspicious times that the “stars of a person’s destiny” can be rearranged. We can
experience this concept of “double destiny” where if we work on ourselves with great determination
and persistance, we can move into a amplified grace and higher version of our most unlimited

potential. (I have experienced this myself!

2. The level of purity of consciousness can be “held” from the moment of Special Prayer onward.
In other words, there is no two steps forward, one step back during Special Prayer, and the level

attained is “sealed” in place.

3. Conductivity / Receptivity is much higher during Special Prayer. I felt like a magnet drawing
endless amounts of energies to me, like a battery being charged, the energy

then available for a long period afterward as needed.

4. All manner of baggage and negativity and “stains” on the soul and spirit are removed in an

amplified way during Special Prayer.

5. The Special Prayer dates are a “rare window” of opportunity for all kinds of dispensations of


6. If you are a person who can’t feel the energies, it may be that you need to improve your bio-
availability. SPECIAL PRAYERS can boost your bio-availability!!!!

10 DAY PERIOD FROM SEPT. 20 TO 30TH. The Remote Healing Program happens over the

whole month.

The process of signing up for SPECIAL PRAYERS is a tiny bit confusing, but hang in there,
you’ll get it and it will make complete sense. Divine guidance specifies this way, and it makes
sense, because it encourages more remote healings during the time of SPECIAL PRAYER. Then
the next month you can go back to a lesser amount if you like. Let me do my best to explain.
So here goes: If you are already on the 8 healings per month or more, ONE PERSON IN
YOUR HOUSEHOLD is automatically enrolled in SPECIAL PRAYERS and there is no extra
charge. You can add extra family members or others that you designate for $125 each. They get
10 days of SPECIAL PRAYERS!!! If you are on the 8 per month and would like others in your
household to receive SPECIAL PRAYER, each is $125. Extra members in the household receive
the usual 8 healings per month PLUS at no extra charge, they are automatically qualified for

special prayer for 10 days.

If you are enrolled in 4 healings per month then you can sign up for the 10 days of special
prayer for $125 extra. This entitles you to 8 healings per month for just that month and SPECIAL
PRAYERS. You can also get 1 or 2 healings per month and for the extra $125 get the SPECIAL

PRAYERS, but no extra healings.

As soon as you sign up (reply to this email, SPECIAL PRAYERS – If this is your first time and I
will give you instructions as to how to order on the website) for the Special Prayer, you will be put

into an email group and I will send you the instructions as to how to speed up the journey of your
growth and personal development shortly through SPECIAL PRAYERS begin. You will be lighting
a candle (this is optional) everyday for the 10 days for a brief period each day but otherwise there
is no other extra time involved. Can’t wait for these most auspicious times. Oh my goodness, the
cosmic alignments of the stars, moon and earth rhythms are so right for this! Many Blessings,

elizabeth (Thanks Karola for these beautiful black and white images!!!)

There is great momentum now for the manifestation of the TWIN FLAME relationship on the planet
AND THETHE TIME IS right now. The vibrations of the TWIN FLAME relationship are very high
and know that this is part of God’s plan to bring more TWIN FLAMES together in these times when
we need the highest vibrations we can possibly garner to create greater and greater tipping points
for the gradual creation of Heaven on Earth and the Golden Age around 2034. With the Twin Flame
relationship, know that there is always one that is more conscious than the other. I used to wonder
why both were not equally as conscious, but the divine tells us that in order to wake up the entire
planet, there had to huge numbers of way showers, showing the way for the less conscious,
otherwise there would have been vast numbers that would have been forever lost.
Our Universal Mother Mary Healing’s for the Twin Flame are gaining great momentum and it
has been most intriguing to learn of the great results which are only going to get better and better!!!!
We have so many interesting testimonials around these healings. Our next twin flame healing
is August 31st. Everyone in the 8 per month and 4 per month healing programs
(see www.spiritwatergardens.com for more details on these programs gets the Twin Flame healing
Please reply to this email or call me at 715-272-1593 to arrange this. You may also want to have
a reading for flower essences to support these special times. Just let me know. Many love and

light blessings, elizabeth

“I am writing to let you know about my experience of receiving the Special Prayers. On my
healing journey I have experienced many different types of healings and have been a part of
many different rituals. The special prayers have been one of the most beautiful and powerfully
healing experiences so far. I felt so loved and supported by the Universe during the 10 days of
Special Prayer. My intuition was much better than it has been in a long time. I also received
some very insightful dreams and highly creative ideas to help me on my journey. I also was
communicating with my divine guides through a much clearer connection.”

“…Special Prayers were so amazing, I don’t even know where to begin…life seems so different, so
fulfilling…I didn’t have any idea that I could feel like this…I don’t even know how to articulate how

wonderful I feel…”

“…I had a major breakthrough with healing over the grief of the death of my father 12 years ago…I
had given up and feel now that I am through and able to transcend this…”
“…I felt so much more energetic…I had the drive to keep going, ordinarily, I would not have been

able to….”

“…business ideas just flowed…I kept jotting things down and have so much to work with now…” “…It
felt like during the SPECIAL PRAYERS all of my cells had become happy faces…” “…My cats
tried to get between me and the candle. They knew something was going on and were trying to be
a part of it…” “…I have never been able to feel energy before. I definitely felt this energy. This has
been one of my hopes, to feel energy…” “…I feel, even now, softer and lighter and happier. We all
feel as if we are continuing to feel blessed with these SPECIAL PRAYER energies, even after it is
over…” “…I can only say that during the period, I had this feeling of immense happiness in my
heart…” “…There were times during SPECIAL PRAYERS that I literally had to stop what I was doing
and just absorb the energy…” “…My husband and I felt so very much aligned with each other and
tuned into each other’s needs. Even if we had a challenge we were navigating through it in a
positive way…” “…SPECIAL PRAYERS were remarkable. My wife and her grand daughter have
been estranged for 2 years, and during this 10 day period, started talking with each other once
again and with affection…” “…The things that I have been wanting to manifest were obviously
coming together in SPECIAL PRAYERS…” “…My son is not so hardened, yes, much softer and I
could see that his aura was stronger and less frayed. Our relationship became closer…” “…I was
able to receive very specific guidance… in the past, it was really more vague notions, that I was
not entirely clear about…” “…I felt finally, movement in areas where I have been so stuck…” “…This
was a period for me of cleansing and rejuvenation…” “…I have had difficulties with one employee for
quite some time and he was creating the wrong kind of resonance for my office and other
employees. He quit during SPECIAL PRAYERS…” “…My writing is so much more in a flow from
divine SOURCE…” “…SPECIAL PRAYERS were so amazing. The energy poured in me and
through me. I never experienced anything like this. It was so powerful…” “…I had a greater
awareness of the role of gratitude during this period…” “…Helpful people showed up. I had been
trying for years to find the right people for my project…” “…This period really helped me with no
fearing the future, I have not felt this good in years…” “…I had a big breakthrough related to an injury
that occurred 2 years ago…” “…SPECIAL PRAYERS has become a part of my life, it is a huge

element now…I didn’t even know about this sacred practice…”

“There were some pretty powerful sessions during the Special Prayers. I would often have to stop

what I was doing and just be with the energy. Thank you!!!”