Hi Everyone! We are in the midst of SPECIAL PRAYERS – a most profound spiritual
practice to magnetize in energetic mometum for our soul and spirit, I do not know the
author of the following quotation, but it is one that I hold quite sacred:
“The closer we are to nature, the closer we are to God.”
And so, you might ask, how does one get closer to nature? Well, of course, there are
many ways and I encourage you to do everything you can to make time to maintain a
relationship with, and get to know all that is most miraculous and astonishing about our
natural surroundings.
In this newsletter and in the upcoming weeks, I will presenting simple ways for you
to interact in profound and contemplative ways to your natural world. And
remember, you can be in an urban area and still experience nature!!
One of the most important aspects of my service for the planet is to introduce you to the
deva, fairy and nature spirits that can be of such great benefit on our journeys and are
anxious to communicate their amazing healing abilities through the flower essences, a gift of
dear Gaia. This is part of God’s plan – we are meant to continue to evolve and resonate with
the Earth and her sacred medicines. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a spokesperson
for them through readings that I do at no charge. You can read more at the SPIRITWATER
GARDENS website. Reply to this newsletter if you would like to experience this one of a kind,
personal guidance.
Here is a wonderful and very simple practice that you can do anytime that you are
interacting with the natural world. This practice will help you to expand your awareness of all
aspects of our sacred Gaia and the universe she dwells within and universes and galaxies

Practice – You can walk or sit as you perform this exercise, but be sure you are
outdoors! See if you can become exceedingly sensitive to the present moment. Take a
little time to sponge up with your senses, all that can be absorbed from your surroundings,
being present and mindful for the moment. Next become more aware of your breath and as
you inhale, say the words, “Be Here.” As you exhale say the word, “Now.” You can try this
for 5 minutes to start and as you wish, go for as long as 10 minutes. You will find that
your ability to expand beyond your usual level of awareness will increase as you practice
this contemplative exercise.
“Try and penetrate ….the secrets of nature…and you will find something…inexplicable.
Veneration for this force beyond anything we can compehend is my religion” (Albert
“My words and my actions are so oblique
that logical attempts at understanding me are futile
knowing me not me knowing
know me by not knowing me
and I become clear and rare to you
know me by not knowing me
and I will appear elegant and sacred to you
know me by not knowing me
and I will open my precious heart to you.” (Lao-tzu)
“…Blessed are those that truly see the kaleidoscopic array of an infinite number of
images of beauty, recorded with both the physical and inner eyes. Whirl and dance
within your senses to the endless variety of forms of beauty on this Blessed Earth, within
the celebration of the body you call human. “Be.” “Hold.” In other words, “BE” the one
that “HOLDS” the vibration of beauty for the planet… You “HOLD” the key to how life on
Earth can “BE” experienced. As you walk the Earth, all that is necessary, indeed it is part
of the assignment, is for you to “be” and “hold” with your conscious intent, your complete
experience of beauty. This and only this creates your reality.
So you are here and behold beauty and you are there and behold, you experience
beauty and everywhere you turn you are that tuning instrument, an image contained that
tunes it’s resonance towards images of beauty. “Be” “Held” my dearest Ones, be held by
the ONE that holds you. Take a step and hold beauty, take a step and hold
beauty. (Channeled to Elizabeth from Universal Mother Mary in 2006 – the Mary Essence
that supports this practice is
Many love and light blessings, elizabeth
“You are so thoughtful. You have a lot of extra things going on and you took the time to
think of me, that really touched my with joy. I feel so blessed to know you and have the
opportuntiy to benefit from your magical powerful healing essences!!
You are an amazing person in so many countless ways. You shine brighty from your
inner love. You are courageous to stand by your belief and truth all this time so the world
could see what you knew all along about the unbelievable healing capabilities of mother
nature’s flowers. What bold and exciting projects you have planned to help mother earth
to heal. We are in awe of you and you inspire us to think with our hearts and challenge us
to go outside the box and spread our wings to add our support one person at a time. In a
magnificent way you are a force to be reckoned with, you are changing us and the world.
How spectacular is that?”