During the period between March 18 and March 25, nature offers
special energies to those deserving seekers who resonate with the
qualities of divine resonance. The ritual of SPECIAL PRAYERS helps
you to magnetize in these profound energies and you can literally
store them up for more momentum for your spiritual upliftment and
unfoldment. During this time we light a candle (it is optional, but
most choose to do so because it is such a powerful practice), to
help us to honor the energies and to stay focused on staying

receptive to the auspicious energies.

“I am writing to let you
know about my experience
of receiving the Special
Prayers. On my healing
journey I have
experienced many
different types of healings
and have been a part of
many different rituals. The
special prayers have been
one of the most beautiful
and powerfully healing
experiences so far. I felt
so loved and supported by
the Universe during the 10
days of Special Prayer.
My intuition was much
better than it has been in
a long time. I also
received some very
insightful dreams and
highly creative ideas to
help me on my journey. I
also was communicating
with my divine guides
through a much clearer


SPECIAL PRAYERS is an auspicious spiritual tradition that has taken
place for hundreds of years in eastern Asian countries. This period
of 9-10 days, that happens both in the spring and the fall, is part of
a natural cycle supported by earth rhythms and cycles. Just as
there is a great spurt of growth in plants in the spring, there, can be
also, a great spurt of growth for you if you know how to harness it
and are deserving.
There have been and continue to be murmurings of a great
spiritual awakening on the North American continent. The
importance of embedding this earth based celebration on this
continent cannot be over emphasized and higher guidance assures
us that the benefits for humanity and the earth are both miraculous
and profoundly transformative.
Your decision to partake of this very special opportunity will
bring wonderful expansion in all areas of your life. When you step
up to this “charging up” of your spiritual “batteries, you harness the
grace of the divine in a greatly amplified way. The divine will take
care of everything in your life in profoundly nurturing ways, for
myself, it has been beyond anything that I could have imagined.
In the spring, the energies are amplified receptions of
chi (energy) from the universes and beyond. They are
received at the level of the atom. They support purposes
of growth, energy, vitality, and wonderful momentum.
Many of you have shared how you felt like a magnet as these
energies flew towards you, like iron filings to a magnet, as they
accumulated into your energetic totality. This is because you are
naturally very receptive at this time for these energies.
This upcoming spring SPECIAL PRAYER gives you the resources
and the fulfillment of the energies of spring and summer. Like a
flower, you attract what you need to sprout, grow,
blossom, bloom, fruit and create seeds that carry your
particular energetic “signature” far and wide.

During these spring and summer months, you naturally
become more exterior and the SPECIAL PRAYERS assist
with this extension of a more extroverted personality
which helps in attracting relationships, opportunities for
expansion in every area of life. Many of you have
explained that after SPECIAL PRAYERS you felt that your
destiny became more fortunate and that you had a number
of options, rather than just one or two. You also felt more
appreciated and enjoyed a fulfilling social life. Everyone
wanted to be in your aura.
Some other reflections on SPECIAL PRAYER overall:
1. During Special Prayer there is a change of compass
direction if the client needs it. It is only during these
auspicious times that the “stars of a person’s destiny” can
be rearranged. I have experienced this myself!
2. The level of purity of consciousness can be “held” from
the moment of Special Prayer onward. In other words,
there is no two steps forward, one step back during
Special Prayer, and the level attained is “sealed” in place.
3. Conductivity / Receptivity is much higher during Special
Prayer. I felt like a magnet drawing endless amounts of
energies to me, like a battery being charged, the energy
then available for a long period afterward as needed.
4. All manner of baggage and negativity and “stains” on
the soul and spirit are removed in an amplified way during
Special Prayer.
5. The Special Prayer dates are a “rare window” of
opportunity for all kinds of dispensations of grace.
6. If you are a person who can’t feel the energies, it may
be that you need to improve your bio-availability. SPECIAL
PRAYERS can boost your bio-availability!!!!

SPECIAL PRAYERS START March 18!!!! The process of signing up
for SPECIAL PRAYERS is unfortunately, a little confusing. i personally
would not do it like this but divine guidance specifies this way,
and it makes sense, because it encourages more remote
healings during the time of SPECIAL PRAYER. Then the next
month you can go back to a lesser amount if you like. Let me do my
best to explain.
So here goes: If you are already on the 8 healings per
automatically enrolled in SPECIAL PRAYERS and there is no
extra charge. If you are on the 8 per month and would like
others in your household to receive SPECIAL PRAYER, each
is $125. Extra members in the household receive the usual
8 healings per month PLUS at no extra charge, they are
automatically qualified for special prayer for 10 days.
If you are enrolled in 4 healings per month then you
can sign up for the 10 days of special prayer for $125
extra. This entitles you to 8 healings per month for just
that month and SPECIAL PRAYERS. ( $150 after March
10th). You can also get 1 or 2 healings per month and for
the extra $125 get the SPECIAL PRAYERS, but no extra

As soon as you sign up (reply to this email, SPECIAL PRAYERS –
not on website ) for the Special Prayer, you will be put into an
email group and I will send you the instructions as to how to
speed up the journey of your growth and personal
development shortly through SPECIAL PRAYERS before
April 8th. You will be lighting a candle (this is optional) everyday
for the 10 days for a brief period each day but otherwise there is
no other extra time involved.

Elizabeth Patric