Every time that we have experienced a trauma in this life time or others, there is the potential for a part of our energetic totality or “vitalness” to separate from us. This occurs as a kind of default mechanism that happens in order for us to at least partially survive from the experience of the trauma, by allowing a part of us to escape from the full impact of the pain. The term for this is “soul loss.” Although the loss is small each time it happens, over time, we begin to feel a sense of incompleteness, distraction, and disconnection.

Symptoms of soul loss include disassociation with an aspect of the body, mind, soul and spirit. For example, a common feeling is to feel that you are disconnected from your physical body. Other signs of soul loss can be depression, post traumatic illness, immune disorders, grief that will not heal and addictive behaviors.

Brugmansia – White Angel’s Trumpet – The incredible flower is from the genus Brugmansia and is often called Angel’s Trumpet. It exudes a seductively sweet scent only at night. Interestingly, it is clear that this is a sacred flower, as it is depicted on many South American artifacts and treasured by Peruvian shamans. I have heard tales of fairies that served humans the water essences of Angel’s Trumpet in this flute (inverted flower):)

This sacred flower, known to be one of the most potent naturally occurring hallucinogens, is so complex that shamans only share this flower with other shamans. And they strongly warn against untrained individuals working with the flower especially with actual physical parts of the plant. However, when working with the plant as a flower essence, where no physical parts of the flowers are used and at a dose of 1 quart of water and 5 drops of essence it is not in the least toxic, and like a homeopathic remedy, very effective.

I have learned through my divine guidance, that one of the main uses for the essence of this plant is for soul retrieval and we certainly do not have all of the information yet. Brings alertness to aspects of soul loss that we may not have had awareness to.

Yellow Candles – Amplification of our abilities to have faith and take leaps of faith.

Lady of the Night – This flower holds services around greater comprehension of our multidimensionality and how we are to “hold a more comprehensive awareness of the whole. Our language will need to evolve more, at present , I hear that it does not give us the ability to explain all that this essence does.

Golden Prairie Coneflower– Turns up the ability of the Light Body to be more receptive to light in all its forms. As this happens it can “attract like a magnet” more aspects of its totality. Amps up the conductivity of the Light Body as well as the ability to emit and send light. Adds to the ripple effect of those vessels of light that can effortlessly send this light to others.

Passion Flower – Holds the essence of all of the infinite number of deepest heart’s desires on all levels, for all times, for all ONENESS.

Shooting Star – Reaches out and retrieves out into universes and galaxies with its energies.

Purple Coneflower – Like the Golden Prairie Coneflower these flowers are an essential wisdom imprint for the retrieval of all aspects of the enlightened Nova Being.

Tree Medick– researching

Milky Way Flowering Tree – 24/7 – 365 days a year this flower blooms endlessly, continuously. Persistence, dreams coming true, overflowing creativity and abundance. This flower is white and very pure. Star travel. Preparations for our Light Body for time travel.

Blue Celestite – Powerful yet gentle uplifting gemstone essence – almost floating like energies which raise consciousness to extremely high dimensions where communication is facilitated.

This new essence can be ordered by calling 715-272-1593 or emailing lizjchan@gmail.com. It should be on the website by Tuesday May 9th. Many love and light blessings, elizabeth