I took this picure in a trailer park in Florida. This rose (unidentified) was completely
neglected, growing at the back of an old trailer, but the whole plant was still flourishing. See
the bud at the top, a rose in its full glory of blooming the middle, and then, at the bottom a
rose that is near the end of its blooming cycle.
The different stages of this plant are representative of natural growth cycles. In our own
lives we have these cycles in all areas of our lives. In the relationship area of life, we might
have a budding friendship. In the career aspect of our lives, we might be in full bloom.
Perhaps, in the fading bloom stage of life, we watch a parent growing old. There are also

the stages of being in seed, (hibernation, incubation) and being in fruit (the “fruits” of our
In nature, one finds that there is always the opportunity to see different stages of the
growth cycle. We can personally use these “prompts” as mirrors to “reflect” on what is going
on in our own journey.
Try this: While you are in natural surroundings, look for signs of birth, growth, change,
chaos, breaking down, decay and rebirth. What, in that moment, strikes a cord with you?
What is the medicine that the earth is trying to get you to see. Our soul and spirit know
exactly what we are needing to see, trust that they will communicate this to you on the
conscious level. Once you determine the particular cycle, see how that process appplies to a
challenging circumstance in your own life.
Once we have determined the particular circumstance going on in our own life, you will
receive insight as to the next step in the process. This inquiry will determine where you are
in a particular natural cycle in any area of your life. You can spot the present moment and
know then, what has come before and what will come next. This exercise gives you insight,
direction, contemplative thoughts on the different kinds of things that you might expect next,
even ideas on what kind of help you might want to reach out for as you glimpse or
intelligently project what is coming up for you in the future.
Remember, last week I wrote “The closer we are to nature, the closer we are to God.”
You will find that inquiries like this will bring you closer to your own spiritual nature!
Also, the flower essence combinations that I have been divinely guided to create over
the last 18 years can bring you closer to nature. They are “earth medicine imprints” that are
capable of evolving you to your next level of awareness and consciousness. Just reply to
this reading if you would like to receive a reading for flower essences. Or visit the website
for more information on free flower essence readings, the Remote Healing Program
(validated by scientific research) and mentoring program. Many love and light blessings,

Flower Essences for Lymphatic Sluggishness or Obstruction:
Recently, a client asked for assistance for her sluggish
lymphatic system. It is well known that you want to keep your
lymphatic system in a good flow, so that blockages are not
created that can then potentially develop into tumors. The
essence that we were guided to create at SPIRITWATER
GARDENS for this situation is called PINK ROSES. Here is its
description below:


“I walk the road strewn with pink roses that leads to the town named Wellness.”
This incredible essence holds 13 Pink Rose flower essences placed together in an alchemy of healing energies. Universal Mother Mary tells us that “humanity as a consciousness once chose to know “imbalance”
and “disease” and has grown tired of these explorations. My dear ONES (Mary says) walk now

on the road strewn with pink roses, this road will show you the
way to wellness. Roses have one of the highest frequencies and
these higher frequency vibrations of roses will cancel out lower frequencies of “disease.”


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