Hi Everyone! How has your summer been? I hope everyday you know that you, yes,
YOU are a miracle flourishing on a miraculous planet. I hope that your roots are
firmly set, your stem has grown up, your leaves are green and enjoying the sun and
the rain, you are budding and flowering into your unlimited potential, that lush fruits
are being harvested and seeds sent all over the planet and beyond to amplify who
you are and the most complete version of your unlimited potential.

Scientific Results Showing Validation of Remote Healing Abilities

Recently I had to get some statistics together (for video
taping) around all of my research projects that have been
completed in the last 2 years related to my goal of seeking
validation for my remote healing abilities. I had not taken
the time to go through each peer reviewed journal
publication and get the essence of results. Here, below are
the statistics straight from the publications.
One of the things that is really hard for me to do is
promote myself. I had to get these results together so that
I could present them at a video taping session. I was
unable to do this. I had practiced and practiced and just couldn’t do it. I was able to
talk about how you can get more connected to your divine guidance and how to know
if you are fully connected or not, and that is coming soon. Fortunately, I do feel more
comfortable listing the results of the research!!!!!!!
On the hormonal front – 1000% more testosterone (yep, that is not a typo)
On the bone front – 225% more in bone mineralization (yep again, not a typo)
On the collagen front – 253% increase in collagen levels (yep, again, not a typo)
On the heart front – 95% improvement in heart health
On the immunity front – 100% boost in immunity
On the stress level front – 90% decrease in stress levels
How about inflammation – 90% decrease in inflammation
On the kidney function front – 25% improvement
On the level of the blood cells – 30% improvement
These are scientifically validated results of healing energies sent from a distance. In
the very near future I will have a new separate website up that will be
dedicated just to the scientific aspects of my work. One of my life long
goals has been to bridge the rigor of science with the inspiration of
spirituality. I am really excited that this is coming into fruition and I hope you to continue
to thrive as this research unfolds!
If you are interested in becoming a part of my healing programs, please visit
my website. There are only a handful of healers out there that have validation for their
healing and incredible results like these. I don’t want you to regret that you did not
take advantage of the truly miraculous remote healing that you can receive along
with your entire household. Take action now! If you want to view the publications of
this research contact me by replying to this email.

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How to Quiet Mind Chatter
Hint – I Don’t Recommend Meditation

Mind Chatter and mental restlessness can be defined as high intensity inner
dialogue that distracts and interrupts our lives on all levels of our beingness. Mind
chatter (often called the “monkey mind”) is closely related to and shows similar
symptoms to anxiety, fear of the future, and constant worrying. Psychology Today
Magazine states that 70% of our mind chatter is negative feedback, sometimes
referred to as negativity dominance. So because it is a negative impact for all of our
totality, this makes the problem even worse. Statistics on mind chatter were difficult to
find, but close to 40 million people or 18% of the population suffer from anxiety which
is fueled by mind chatter and other types of mental restlessness.
Various complications from mind chatter and mental restlessness include many
different types of sleep disorders, constant worry, anxiety, depression, panic attacks
and suicidal tendencies.
Recommendations from the traditional medical community include psychotherapy,
antipsychotics, anti-depressants, medications (xantax, zoloft, lithium) for clearing
mind chatter, and group therapies. Some sources include bi-polar episodes and
hypomania as part of the symptoms of mental chatter and these episodes require
further intervention.
Alternative recommendations for clearing mind chatter and its associated
tendencies include yoga or other types of exercise, marijuana, self help groups,
journaling, improved sleep, breathing practices and meditation. Meditation is an
attempt to stop the mind from having thoughts. This is kind of like trying
to stop the lungs from breathing or the heart from beating. Meditation is
like a mind game, trying to trick the brain into not having thoughts, which
is the natural job of the brain. The reason for meditation is thought to be that if

the mind is clear enough of thoughts, the mind can then get a glimpse of its spiritual
My healing programs offer a much better solution to the mind chatter
and its associated problems. Instead of meditation where there is an
attempt to connect with the “lake of the mind” or the reflective place
where we can get to a calm place, instead my healing program connects
you directly to the God of your understanding, and when that happens,
you become very calm and have a wonderful inner peace. Other benefits
that can add to quieting mind chatter and mental restlessness include much higher
quality sleep, dissolving worry and fear, and hormonal balancing. Also based on the
results that my clients report on my healing programs, you find that your positive
thinking is enhanced tremendously. Don’t hesitate to really turn around your life now!!

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