Hi Everyone! Today we begin our fantastic remote healing program for September that is giving everyone such great results. look at the testimonials I received just last week from two individuals that just started the program and one (last one) who has been in my program for quite a few years:
“I just wanted to give you feedback that your work seems to be working here. My daughter’s nightmares seem to be getting better. I feel closer to the divine. My husband, who has been very depressed and anxious is doing better. And my son that went away to college is adjusting beautifully. My other son lives here and has a very demanding job is handling it very well.”
“I don’t want to write a long e-mail to you as you are, I am sure, very busy and e-mails are very time consuming. I just wanted to mention that my husband is rapidly recovering and ready to go back to work (that happened overnight!). My cat, Sami, who has been suffering from chronic diarrhea for months, had her first solid stool yesterday since I can’t even remember. I bet that surprised her too.Yesterday
was very eventful and a time of healing.Thank you Elizabeth. May God bless you always in the many gifts He has bestowed upon you”.
This client has been with me for much longer:
“Sometimes when I look into _______’s  eyes they are intoxicating, I’m in such wonder of his being Elizabeth, there’s so much for me to still work on and learn from him but he’s come so far with (I so much believe) the help of the flowers and healing transmissions…through such deep stuff between us as mother and son. I’m really really touched with a tender appreciation of all that he has done for me and how the work you do has allowed me to preserve his pure essence, and feel the infinite possibilities in support by co-creating with these most profound non-physical realms. He is such a contribution, and I am so grateful for you and all of this fascinating work….So humbled,
And grateful.”
Your Most Frequently Asked Questions about The Remote Healing Program.
1. Elizabeth, you have a number of clients that receive administrations through your remote healing program. Could you discuss the physical benefits your clients receive and the results that they share with you through these healings?
The most immediate physical result that I hear from my clients are reports of higher quality sleep. It is not so much that there is more sleep, but that the quality of sleep is so improved that the recipient awakens highly energized and refreshed.
Another immediate effect of the healings is increased energy levels. The clients report greater stamina, vitality, life force and pizzazz to give them greater wattage for the most complete version of their most unlimited potential expression.
Finally, overall, clients report significant improvement in momentum for their healing, recuperative powers, and transformation into their flowering and flourishing. There is a wide spectrum of healing for literally 100s of areas of physical health reported.
2.      What are the most important emotional benefits that occur through your healing program?
Almost immediately I hear my clients share that they have less depression and greater optimism. They stop worrying so much about their future and they are able to have more faith in their futures. They are able to step out of being in fear and take leaps of faith, bringing them their next steps to unfolding their divinely inspired lives.
There is a release from old emotional trauma. In the past we have been conditioned to not fully express our emotions and this has led to our emotions being stored somewhere in our energetic totalities, bringing about many disorders. The ability to be fully in the moment with our emotional expression is what I call Emotional Accord. (We have a flower essence by this name!)
This is the ability to express the exact emotion that we are experiencing in the moment and then move on to the next moment, fully prepared to be present to the expression of that next emotion. So if we are angry, we immediately are able to express that emotion, rather than stuff it somewhere and have to live with the imbalance until we do get around to expressing that anger. This energy healing also clears out old sentiments and nostalgia which tend to drag down our resonance and when these old approaches to life are dissolved, we have increased “fuel” for our spiritual upliftment.
3.      What are the most important benefits of that are reported as they relate to our mind and intellect?
Clients report a greater ability to focus and concentrate. They have less anxiety and stress. They share that they have less mental restlessness and mind chatter. They have what I like to call Brain Gain (another flower essence combination that we carry). which is a term I use to explain how the healings help us to use the greatest potential of our brain, rather than just using a small percentage of the capacity of the brain.
4.      What are the benefits of your healings within the context of relationships?
Remember that relationships include the one with our Divine, ourself, friends and family and the sacred other. So we want to consider all of these relationship areas. Clients report grater feelings of acceptance (including themselves). They feel more honored in every relationship area. In intimate relationships there is enhanced communication and sexual expression. We have a program where, every Monday night, Universal Mother Mary administers her Twin Flame Relationship Healings and they come at no extra charge.
5.      What are the benefits of your healings as they relate to our careers and professional life?
There is an increased growth and flourishing of the professional business area of life. The clients report a more condensed version of themselves emerging, so that they have distilled out the extraneous or distracting aspects and are applying themselves in a focused way, exactly the way they need to so that they are fully expressing their uniqueness and prospering. If it is a client based business there is an increase in the number of clients. There is increased prosperity and abundance and clients report a sense of overflowing abundance or feelings of being supported by a bed of roses or a cloud.
Clients share that they are increasingly motivated and passionate about their path and that they feel divinely guided each step of the way. Even if they are challenged or have a lot of stress, they embrace the challenge as a good thing and see the stress as “healthy” stress. They learn from their challenges. Challenges can be hard, but ultimately they are seen as great and important lessons and there is never a sense of being burnt out or completely “drained.” They love what they are doing and become more and more enthusiastic about their careers and their expression.
What is the most important result received in the Remote Healing Program?
The greatest accomplishment in a human’s life is to get connected with the divine. This is the deepest desire at the level of our soul and spirit. It is to be intimately associated with our Creator and Creator’s glory. It is to be connected with the authority which has created the universe and beyond. The connection established through the healings, allows you to take advantage of windows of opportunity, and to become the most unlimited version of your potential. At the same time it helps you to face the biggest hurdles in your life in a calm and peaceful way.
Even if our health is challenged, or our relationships are difficult or our careers are not fully developed, it still matters the most that we begin to hear divine guidance, because the directives that you will receive will assist you in every area of your life!
Check out the website for much more about The Remote Healing Program under “HEALING PROGRAMS.” You can still enroll for September!!!!!!! You can also reply to this newsletter and we will get your started. It is super easy.
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