Remote Healing Schedule for June:
Mondays, June 6, 13, 20, 27.
Thursdays, June 2, 9, 16, 23, 30. (If you
are signed up for Thursdays you will
receive that healing on the 30th as a
complimentary gift.)
Saturdays, June 4, 11, 18, 25

If you receive healings every other day,
the healings occur on even days (ie..2, 4,
6, 8) and you also receive all Monday
healings as they are considered to be the
most powerful.

Flower Worship
Flowers are here to bring about our evolution to higher states of
beingness for ourselves and all aspects of the planet. These
times call us, more than ever before to do everything we can to
bow down to the Earth and literally worship her gifts and infuse
them into our energetic totality like never before. We need to be
broadcasting higher and higher levels of consciousness and as
more and more spectrums of light energy are showered onto the
planet, we are awakening to wonderful new ways to amplify ourlight.

Remembrance of Our Divinity
All of the photos above contain images of flowers in bloom right
now in the Spiritwater Gardens or surroundings. Not only are
these fragrant blooms all flowering right now, but as flower
essences, they all have the ability to keep us in the remembrance
of the divinity of the splendid light of divine presence. To reach
this level of consciousness we want to coax more and more
stillness into our lives.

Flowers in Bloom at Spiritwater Gardens
Moving clockwise and starting at the top left, exquisitely fragrant
Lily-Of-The-Valley awakens the senses by raising your sensory
antennas, bringing about greater depths of sensory perception.
Right now the gentle breeze off the lake is moving through these
sublime flowers and lifting the fragrance through my open windows.

Next up is Yellow Bellwort and this flower is known for its ability
to bring you into a place of profound humility. Amplifying this trait
of humility provides a supportive base from which all manner of
higher consciousness can unfold. The Lilac is a direct link to
Lemurian times and a reminder of the magic that can and will
prevail and be embued all over this planet in the coming years as
we move towards Heaven on Earth.

Trailing Arbutus is THE flower essence for bringing yourself into
solitary stillness. As you lay down (yes, please lay down onto the
moss this plant grows in!) to lift the leathery leaf of this plant, the
fragrance that comes to visit your senses is indescribably sublime
and you will travel into waves of ecstatic happiness and
contentment, especially for your solitary pursuits with just a few
inhales of its delicious scent or by partaking of its essence.
Next up is Purple (it comes in white as well) Heliotrope and again
I urge you to seek out one of these flowers to fully indulge
yourself in its most mysterious scent. There just are no adjectives
to describe this fragrance, but if there was a word for instantly
moving into a rapture, that would work. I love the service of this
flower essence which is that it can teach us from within how to
bring about the most powerful and luminous attitude for prayer.
Apple Blossoms give us a much wider spectrum and
multidimensional comprehension of the sweetness of existence.
We are filled with an overflowing sense of the true tenderness,
gentleness, and sugariness (yep, this is a word – love it) of our
divine paths as we walk the planet.

Purple Violets hold the energy of the Violet Flame that is a
coalesced spiritual energy of love, mercy, justice, freedom, and
transformation. In the twinkling of an eye, and quite miraculously,
Violets can, when you are ready, transmute thousands of
lifetimes of misqualified energy. Why not search out some wild
Violets, place them in some purified water, put them in the sun for
a few hours, and then have a most delicious drink?
One of the most powerful flowers for representing the deva and
nature spirit energies is the playful Columbines. The photo shows
one dressed in blue, but they also have apricot, yellow, pink, and
purple outfits. Their plant signature is that the flower looks like a
party hat! They bring merriment, laughter, and even a little
silliness (and sometimes quite a bit) to our lives.

Holy Madness
These days” I am” spending more and more time in solitude.
These days “I am” in the gardens if you can’t find me, listening to
the wind move through the pine trees which plays the strings of
my heart chakra. Or “I am” hearing the bird song and really
concentrating on the mellifluous melodies, or taking the time to sit
after I have inhaled the fragrance of a flower and spending some
time to register what is happening to my energetic totality as it
receives these inputs. These days “I am” happily in hiding. These
days “I am” in delight in knowing stillness that brings to the
surface God’s truth. These days “I am” avoiding as much
denseness as possible. These days “I am” in a state of Holy
Madness. Join me!!!!

Big, huge, love, elizabeth