We have suffused the wonderfully calming and restful qualities of 3 different species of
Lavender blossoms into our fragrance spray essence called PROTECTED SLEEP. This
uplifting, yet sleep inducing combination brings enduring high quality sleep patterns into our
lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control, insufficient sleep is immediately linked to
a number of chronic diseases and conditions including diabetes, heart disease, obesity and
depression. And many of us feel that somehow, exhaustion is a kind of status symbol of
hard work and that sleep is a luxury we don’t have time for. The result is that, if we are

honest with ourselves, most of us need more sleep.

Have you heard the phrases:

“One more hour of work! I will catch up on the weekend!”

“Napping is for lazy people.”
“I will just push through, I can handle this.”

Perhaps you recognize yourself in one of these statements! Now this is also
fascinating – interestingly a large research project just recently released showed
that the more sleep people received the more playful they were. This was so very
obvious from the extensive data that was analyzed!!!!!!!
As you well know by now, the deva and nature spirit energies are all about playfulness,
delight, upliftment, a sparkle in the eye and the ability to allow for rest and creativity in our
lives. We have a number of essences listed below to support you in bringing out more
creativity and playfulness.
You will find the full description of PERFECT SLEEP below. You can order either the spray,
(spraying on children’s pillows before they sleep) or if you want something stronger, the
drops are also available.
Here are some other essences related to play and rest that we co-create with divine
guidance here at SPIRITWATER GARDENS. You can check them out at

BLESSED CREATIVITY – For creative endeavors that bring about manifestations of visions
and dreams for humanity. For example, painting a picture that heals those that observe the
painting, or writing a poem that expands your consciousness and the awareness of others
that enjoy your writing.
CREATIVE JOURNEY JOURNAL – An excellent essence for support our flows, especially inner
visionary explorations, shamanic journeying, clearing writer’s block and even simple
journaling efforts.
CHAKRA 5 – This chakra is all about our unique “signature” or style. We all have one. The
full expression of this chakra is to develop this truly unusual and matchless potential in
ourselves. When we feel stuck in our creativity, this is the chakra to explore!
CHAKRA 6 – Brings awakening to the third eye, a wonderful resource for inspiration and
unlimited expression.
RIVER FLOW – ERS – Brings in amplified third eye powers and The Universal Language of
INNOCENCE – Brings a child-like quality to our lives, fully acknowledging that we are grown
ups, but allowing for embracing the innocent aspects of our lives here on this planet.
EYES OF CHILDREN – Brings in stronger, more amplified connections to the deva, sprite,
fairy and nature spirit energies.
If you have challenges with sleep or play, I would be happy to center a reading around
this theme and see what the divine guidance is recommending for the most completely
enjoyable expression of your creative and unlimited potential. Many love and light blessings,
elizabeth (reply to this email, call 715-272-1593 or contact me through


This essence is for interrupted or poor quality sleep. It protects us from manmade dissonance such as
electrical currents and also from negative astral energies.

It supports our dream work and protects from nightmares.
Excellent for children. Restores natural rhythms and sleep
patterns. Calms the emotions, tones down over stimulation. We
co-created this essence with the non-physical realms of love
and light frequencies and they asked us to also include, Sweet
Pea, Blackberry, Pink Tecoma, Eryngium, Ladies Bed Straw,
Purple Pea, Indian Pipe, Lavender, Crown Vetch, White Water
Lily, Plains Yellow Primrose, and Jacaranda.
Lavender – highly relaxing, removes blocks in our meridians
and nadis. Lavender says: “I Am protector. I protect your life
force field from contamination by outside forces that are
detrimental to you. I give you complete protection from
electrical forces including electrical movement within your
houses, power lines, electrical devices, and electrical disruptions
within and without. Take my essence or inhale my fragrance
and your electrical systems are a perfected flow of conductivity.
I am as strong as my fragrance is substantial. I am able to
reset all of your electrical fuses and switches. When your
electrical circuits are perfectly balanced it is impossible for
outside forces to disrupt your field. ”
Here at SPIRITWATER GARDENS we use the whole plant
synergy of three lavender species for our PROTECTED SLEEP
flower essence remedy. Each species of Lavender seems to
enhance, amplify, and strengthen the fragrance overall.
Plains Yellow Primrose from the Kansas Prairie offers to
sooth and calm our energy field. She calls herself the
whispering essences. Helps us to get very quiet so that we can
hear the whispering from the non-physical realms. She brings
out the quality of effortlessness and helps us to let go of
striving. This gentle Primrose is combined with these other
soothing essences in PROTECTED SLEEP,
Jacaranda – Gives us the gift of dreams and dream
journeys. Greater awareness during the dream state.
Protection from nightmares.
Crown Vetch- Soothes and calms the crown chakra
energies from over stimulation. Her service is to modulate the
crown chakra energies during sleep. Balances discord from
man-made dissonance like cell phones. There is a lot more to
reveal here.
Sweet Pea – Everyone’s favorite for sleep issues. Calming

for the emotional body.
Blackberry – Restores rhythms.
Pink Tecoma – Offers comfort, security, and the knowledge
that we are deeply and truly loved and supported by Creator.
Eryngium – Protective energy especially for galactic travel
during our night work.
Ladies Bed Straw – Another wonderful essence for
enhancing sleep and waking up refreshed and rejuvenated.
Purple Pea – Still researching, all of the Pea family is good
for deep rest, inner calm and perfect sleep.
Indian Pipe – Balance from outer forces (that keep the
mind racing) bringing deep inner peace and knowing.
White Water Lily – Complete assimilation and digestion of
the concept of inner peace. An infusion of peacefulness.
To use, spray 3-4 “spritzs” in bedroom and 1 spritz around
pillow area, just before retiring. Make sure room in entirely dark
and that a minimum of electrical currents are flowing in the
room. It is best not to watch television or do computer work for
AT LEAST an hour or two before sleep. Lasts at least a month.
For drops, take 20 drops 2X daily until gone.