“I walk on Gaia and therefore I am worthy.”

     "My dear ONES, I am Mary and know all too well the depths of your suffering and the
difficulties that you have endured over this tragic circumstance that is embedded into the very
core of your beings which you have come to know as your unworthiness.  Your Genesis Story has
fueled this misapprehension for eons and I warn you dearest ONES to stay ever vigilant to the
infestations of outer authority that veil your inner authority and KNOWING.
     It is with great relief and celebration that I see that my children have courageously chiseled
and scraped and peeled away at the muddied layers of misconception and are ready to burst
from that chrysalis into the unlimited and pristine expansion of their flowering into the
fulfillment of Godliness that is your birthright.  
     Each and every one of you are worthy because you are on the earth plane to do the work of
Creator as exact replicas of this ever inspired force. It is the simple fact that if you find yourself
walking on the earth, then you are worthy.  Look into the mirror and see Creator Gods or
Goddesses worthy of your roles and use my gift of the combined flowers' services of
WORTHINESS to support and amplify this beauty filled manifestation of truth.  Step forward into
WORTHINESS, my children, and never, ever, look back." 
I would venture to say that this essence, a most precious gift from Universal Mother Mary, is
probably needed by almost everyone on the planet! In particular, the refined level of healing that this
flower remedy is capable of is shown for people that may have had discordant surroundings while in
the womb. We can’t get much more to the core of our worthiness issues than this! We need this
flower essence combination to clear every energetic layer related to worthiness (and there are
many), because we will never be able to fully express our soul destiny path without feeling completely
worthy to do so. 
     The flowers that asked to be placed in WORTHINESS are Sunflower, Comte de Chambord Rose,
Bunchberry, Freesia, Great Solomon's Seal, Pink Magnolia, Mehera, Golden Yarrow, La Belle Sultane
Rose, Frontenec Rose, Wild Columbine (in an apricot, red and pink outfit), Goldenrod and Foam


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