Worry Not



“I am attuned to guidance from the divine voice.”

“I am Mary and we greet you here dear ONES, in this garden of love and light frequencies.
Our message on this day 10/04/11 is a simple one. Release those frowns from your faces and
say no to ever wearing them again. Yes, like a worn out piece of clothing, these frowns and we
might add, those worry lines can be thrown out. This mask upon your face can forever be
For eons, yes, the worry upon my face has been portrayed, and with good reason, and it has
appeared on the faces of my children, but I tell you, abandon your worries as I abandon mine,
we have every reason to believe that from this point forward, the act of worrying will no longer
I give you WORRY NOT my children. The imprint of worry lives deeply in the human psyche
and its residue can now be lifted. Much remains to be done, but the signs are fortuitous and are
cause for optimism and hope. The human collective can clear their worry, it will now impede
rather than progress.
This essence has been of great service towards our continued ascent into our most unlimited
potential as human beings. We will look back, I promise you, and not even be able to
understand the concept of worrying as we move forward into a more divinely guided state of
awareness. Back in free will, we created all kinds of situations and karma and the whole process
of worrying (because of course there was a learning curve around this and there were serious
reasons to worry!) was a part of this. If we are being divinely guided, there will never ever, ever
again, be a reason to worry!
WORRY NOT Mary Essence holds the physical flower essences of:
Purple Fringed Milkwort – For leaping into higher states of awareness, release of fear, greater
faith, expansions on many levels, avatarian abilities and more.
Purple Lilac – holds the memories of Lemurian times, before the time when the human
collective chose free will over divine will, brings magic, forgotten memories, better posture as
we become more aligned with our destinies and we relinquish our burdens.
White Trillium – Template for alignment to enlightened and ascended destinies. Being in the
moment. Very sacred, very geometric.

Daisy – For optimism, hope, found all over earth, meant to be the flower of Ascension for
planet earth, understands the collective’s ability to create a tipping point.
Feverfew – Release of tension, headaches. All kinds of mental releases.
Helenium – Laughter, lightheartedness, laughing at the cosmic joke of being,
Aster Fleabane – Still researching, Asters are good at divine timing.
Dune Lily Thorn – Releasing fears related to loss of abundance, fear of the future related to the
financial aspects of our lives.
Red Chestnut – For those who begin to worry, way before it is necessary and to dissolve the
whole concept of worrying.


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