Words From Within



“I AM the embodiment of enlightenment. I flower into a magnificent
expression of my embodiment and my seeds become the words that fly with the winds
and reach many.”

On September 23, 2005 the Blessed Virgin Mary chose to bless us with her brilliant
gift of the flower essence combination that we were to name WORDS FROM WITHIN.
Here is what she said about this formula:
WORDS FROM WITHIN contains over 90 etheric essences as well as 12
flower essences that were physically added, as well as one gem essence. This very
powerful, practical, and exquisitely formed formula is meant to move those that
aspire towards utilizing more refined and higher vibrational words that are to be
written or spoken. As the title of the formula suggests, Mary wants the words to
come from you. Not from me, or your friends, or your personal psychic, but from
you, within you, deep from within you!! Each and every soul design needs to find
expression through the written and spoken word. This essence comes from the
trinity of The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalena, and Archangel Gabriel who is
known as the “Archangel of the Written Word.” The key that opens to the
treasures of golden words within you is flowing into your throat chakra (voice),
down into your heart chakra, and then out through your hand. Universal Mother
Mary recommended that one wear lapis when bringing in divine writing.
This formula will:
1. Help words to flow easily.
2. Help us to filter out words not holding a high vibration.
3. Assist us to create new language with the right vibration, that is needed to
express new concepts.
(WORDS FROM WITHIN contains the anchor flowers of Cosmos, Buttercup,
Wild Rose, Morning Glory, Rhododendron, Flowering Blue Jade, Yellow
Columbine, Ladies Mantle, Toothwort, Sarah Van Fleet Rose, Juniper,and
Yellow Water Lily and the gem essence of Lapis)


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