Wise Counsel



“My dearest ONES, I am Mary. Walk with me this day and I will share with you the gift of WISE COUNSEL. Do you think that you walk alone? Do you think that you have ever walked alone? No dearest ONES, you have never walked alone and we promise to keep it that way! Your walk is our walk and we are with you as you walk the path of your soul’s destiny.

Along the way we know that you ponder which path to take, one path goes through a forest and another along the lake. Some paths you tread upon are the greenest grass, others have fallen leaves and still others can be treacherously icy.

We notice your hesitation when a path turns to two paths, when the going is so rough that you turn back and when too, you walk the same path again and again. We are with you dear ONES, no matter what the circumstances and we want to say to you, we emphasize, that the greater the challenge or delay, the more guidance arrives to assist. If only you would notice or even inquire us of directions! Your path is clear to us and we all gather around to assist- the wisdom that can be available to the true seekers that ask, and to those that listen is eternally wise and divinely sourced.

We gather here where the road divides and we gather where the road becomes an indistinct path hard to follow. We gather at summits and in valleys and we are here as compasses. We do hope that you will stop to ask directions and perhaps that you will choose to sit with us a spell. We will fill your mind with visions and thoughts fit for seers, sages and wisdom masters of the universe.”

(WISE COUNSEL holds the anchor flowers of Rosemary, Catmint, Crabapple, Forget-me-not, Sage, Painted Leaf, and Heliotrope.)


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