Wilderness Mystic



“My experience in nature is a metaphor for self reflection, contributing to my ever expanding and evolving levels of consciousness.”

The word “mystic” means that we are able to embody all faculties and realities, both inner
and outer. Furthermore, the word “mystic” derives from the Latin “mysterium” which means
“to be altered.” Universal Mother Mary asked me to make this essence while I was in the
Adirondacks of upstate NY. The Adirondack Wilderness Preserve is 2.7 million acres of
wilderness set aside for preservation and my pilgrimage was made right into the heart of this
preserve which also happens to be my childhood playground.
Mary reminds us that we are constantly being given opportunities to reawaken and that the
natural surroundings are places that accelerate the process of awakening a “gain” and a “gain.”
Experience in nature gives us opportunities for purification, refined awareness, solitude,
understanding the process of getting lost and finding ourselves once again, and recommitting
to our passions in life. In my opinion, spending time in natural surroundings offers the very best
way to awaken to our soul, and reveal our soul’s desires to us. A beautiful booklet has been
created to more comprehensively explain all of what WILDERNESS MYSTIC entails. Here are the
flowers that we were asked to put into WILDERNESS MYSTIC:
Bottle Gentian – for prophecy
Fragrant White Water Lily – for inner peace and tranquility
Purple Pickeral Weed – for positive emotional expression
Wild White Mint and Pearly Everlasting – for purification
Indian Pipe – for inner peace
St. John’s Wort – for overcoming stagnation and transcending depression
Turtlehead – for efficient processing
Red Cardinal Flower – for passion
Wild Sage – for resetting our compasses
Nodding Trillium – for surrendering
Yellow Water Lily – for hearing the divine voice
True Wood Sorrel – for inner still point
Spring Beauty – for refining the senses and increasing our awareness
Rhododendron – for contemplation, insight and revelation
Trailing Arbutus – for being in solitude and being nourished by it
Boneset – offers huge life force energies

Includes the imprints of the bird call recordings of Loon, Bald Eagle and Blue Bird


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