Wandering Jewel



“I AM de Lighted to meet the playful teachers of the galactic realms.”

Brings an increased but gentle awareness of the galactic beings available to assist us.
Many have the similarity to the woodland fairies, the Dorphas are tiny pentegogonal bodies (think fairy ET’s) that instruct us. There are elder teachers to help with travel and protection. There are also other beings that are little entwined beings called Sophasalsos that are in groups of 2 or 3 and are constantly playing and teaching us to be playful.
Learning the lesson of how to just “be” in earth or galactic flow and enjoy ourselves.
Gives emotional insights and clearing taught with the gentle nudging of starry ones. Healthier emotional bodies and alignment of emotional energies so they are better utilized to use for creative endeavors with concrete results.
Helps serious people laugh and play, men often test for this one.


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