Twin Flames Reunion



“ I am the most complete expression of the twin flame reunion in all of its glory, passion, and


  “Come to me, my children.  Here, gather round, yes close to me in this portal that we know of as the
Rainbow Garden. Here, pay attention, for I want to tell you a story child.  The story I bring to you today
is one so tragic in its proportion, that it has brought the greatest suffering, betrayal, deep yearning and
longing, adversity, pain, torment, distrust, and heartbreak imaginable.  This is a human tale of such
proportion that its repercussions have been one of the heaviest crosses to bear throughout universes,
(yes, this goes beyond your planet dear ONES) as the consequences have contaminated the very core of
humanity and their efforts to get along harmoniously with each other, and their planet and their ability
to rise up out of their learning curve or free will.
    There is much to do children to resuscitate the Twin Flame relationship, for I urgently tell you that this
relationship, literally children, needs to be breathed back to life from its very near-death state, for the
flames of the Twin Flames in the majority of humanity barely flicker within the poisonous soup of the
current veil of illusion and delusion.
     You have received my previous and most precious gift of the RELEASE TWIN FLAME KARMA which
cleared all of the old programmings of interacting with your Twin Flames in many, many lifetimes, and
have readied yourselves for today’s gift – TWIN FLAME REUNION.  I tell you children;  this is a powerful
beginning, but I don’t want you to have false hope that it will be instantaneous. Any part of our
transformation that requires another for its resolution will take time. This combination will continue to
evolve as you evolve (that is, other flower essences will be added as you are ready) and I will be sharing
more as this new gift and activation unfold and you all begin to hold the imprints of wisdom these
flower essences will bring to you and your energetic totalities.
     For now, together, let’s breathe a sigh of collective relief that a puzzle of epic challenges is receiving a
major piece that will give the whole puzzle an adjustment that breathes optimism and healing into every
crack, every nook, every cranny, and melts the whole into wholeness/holiness for all of humanity, and
for Earth and for the Heaven on Earth we know is coming. Yes, it can’t help but come with this new
The anchor flowers for this essence combination are Dtps. Lady Madonna Orchid (and incredible
vibration of gold and pink, absolutely bringing a divine presence where ever it goes) Temple Cloud
Orchid (sacred space), Milk Weed (infinite nourishment and especially good for creativity), Yellow
Water Lily (hear divine guidance easily), Therese Bugnet Rose (creative love, going with the flow, and
protection), Red Raseberry (helps us to know the wildness and wilderness of our soul, )Osteospermum
(huge light force), Crabapple (holds the healing for the creation story and the so called fall of man), and
Ylang Ylang (THE essence for the sensory activations). Explanations of these essences don’t even begin
to have the language as to what these flowers are doing but I put a brief description to give you a

glimpse of their service. And then of course, the ethers deliver a bunch of flower essences that are
unknown to us but that we embrace with enthusiastic trust!!!


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