Tree Connection



“I AM awake to the whispers of the tree people.”

When this formula is used in conjunction with other formulas like New Transmissions and Effective Downloading, joyful interactions with the tree people will begin!
The trees anxiously await those whose unique soul design is related to joyous co-creational activities.
Tree people want you to know that they whisper and this formula brings us into a deep and peaceful silence so that we can hear them.
Their vibrations are as varied as the number of tree species and tree individuals. Those that work with trees often feel that they are out of sync with most of humanity and the frequencies that are accessed are difficult to reach for the majority of humanity at this time.
We are told that there will be incredible and delightful revelations that will come from the trees.
This combination is meant to inspire and guide those inclined towards interaction and greater connection to the whispering tree people.


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