“Through all realities and dimensions I AM instantly in the NOW moment.”

Excellent formula for all types of travel on any plane (airplanes and multidimensional planes

For traveling anywhere and instantly knowing the time and place of the reality you are in.

Incredible for jet lag.

Instantly grounding no matter where you are.

Internal recognition of where you are in time and space. Like having an internal global positioning system except this is for universes!

Offers great assistance for altitude changes.

Protective from radiation from plane trips.

Love this one, had no idea it was so great until I started listening to my client’s testimonials on TRAVELER

Contains – Cornflower, Calendula, Fringed Milkwort, Yellow Hollyhock, Magenta Hollyhock, Leopard’s Bane, Dog Toothed Violet, The Gravity of Beauty, Queen Anne’s Lace, Pine, Red Mangrove.


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