The White Roses Of Mary



“My children, let us walk together (to “gather”) in the garden we know as planet Earth. See the multitude of flowers and know that they each hold a gift for you. Over here, come to experience all of the white roses. Rest here amidst these white roses and inhale of their fragrance and absorb their other gifts, like you would absorb water if you were a sponge. Can you sense all of the light that these roses are able to hold? As you have learned, roses as a group, hold the highest frequencies of any of the flowers and the white roses, in particular, hold the highest frequencies of all. They hold more light than a diamond my children. Now reach out and touch the petals of one of these white roses. Can you sense their tenderness? This soft tender quality is another trait of a white rose. Their amplified light giving properties, along with their tender qualities, imbue you within my new gift for you, THE WHITE ROSES OF MARY.

Your next phase of healing and transformation, will involve improving your abilities to hold vastly more light as you continue to evolve into Light Beings. My WHITE ROSES OF MARY will accelerate your journey and serve you in a myriad of ways that you are just beginning to explore. I will add other white roses that you have not been able to obtain physically.”

(Contains Henry Hudson Rose, Madame Hardy Rose, Rosa Banksia, Blanc Double De Coubert Rose, Margaret Merrill Rose, and Wild White Rose.)


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