The White Roses Of Mary



“ I carry the initiation and wisdom imprint of the White Roses of Universal Mother Mary.”

“My children, let us walk together (to “gather”) in the garden we know as planet Earth. See
the multitude of flowers and know that they each hold a gift for you. Over here, come to
experience all of the white roses. Rest here amidst these white roses and inhale of their
fragrance and absorb their other gifts, like you would absorb water if you were a sponge. Can
you sense all of the light that these roses are able to hold? As you have learned, roses as a
group, hold the highest frequencies of any of the flowers and the white roses, in particular, hold
the highest frequencies of all. They hold more light than a diamond my children. Now reach out
and touch the petals of one of these white roses. Can you sense their tenderness? This soft
tender quality is another trait of a white rose. Their amplified light giving properties, along with
their tender qualities, imbue you within my new gift for you, THE WHITE ROSES OF MARY.
Your next phase of healing and transformation, will involve improving your abilities to hold
vastly more light as you continue to evolve into Light Beings. My WHITE ROSES OF MARY will
accelerate your journey and serve you in a myriad of ways that you are just beginning to
explore. I will add other white roses that you have not been able to obtain physically.”
(Contains Henry Hudson Rose, Madame Hardy Rose, Rosa Banksia, Blanc Double De Coubert
Rose, Margaret Merrill Rose, and Wild White Rose.)

I see that a few of you flinch a bit at the idea of a life of being guided by the divine voice. You
see, through many of your stories and dramas, you have been conditioned to believe that the
pursuit of a spiritual path will bring hardships and great sufferings. (and make no mistake, in
your time of freewill, this was the reality). Visions and images of grueling oppression and
Gethsemane burdens filled your minds. We now, mercifully, move away from all of this. I
emphatically want to impress upon you that this path of divine empowerment will be one of
glory, one of celebration and one of magnificence as you transcend the old ways and rejoice in a
life of the glorious full spectrum light body of an enlightened being on a Nova Earth.
What does it mean to potentize this gold flame? It means that each one of you, my children
are truly ready to express the authenticity of what it means to move fully into being guided in
every moment through an expression of the divine’s will. You will live the reality of the
Threefold Flame’s complete expression. The Blue Diamond flame representing the divine’s

wisdom and healing, the Pink Diamond flame representing the divine’s love and holding that
love in sacred space and now our Gold Diamond flame representing the divine’s will. Living in
the activation and the nurturing of your own Threefold Flame will be the assist you have been
looking for, in feeling more completely than you have ever experienced before, the full
manifestation of the divine living through you in every moment. “
(Anchor flowers are Yellow Nasturtium, Goldenrod, Yellow Mullien, Yellow French Marigold,
Helenium, Yellow Iris and Goldfinch Yellow Rose and other flowers that we, as yet, are unable
to identify coming in on the ethers and also includes the gem essence of Gold!)


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