The Third Force



“I am now able to harness infinite sources of energies of love and light.”
“My dearest children, we sit here most blissfully in this portal that we call the Rainbow Garden and
today I give to you this gift you are to call THE THIRD FORCE. Know my children that as you become
stronger in your expansion into multiple dimensions of living a new force becomes available to you. It
was not possible for you to access this force as you began your journey into light body, but as you have
progressed, there has suddenly come a moment when you “qualify.”

As you have walked your path, you have challenged yourself to heal and evolve and you are most
deserving of this gift. You see, the harder that you have labored to purify yourselves of that which no
longer serves you, the more deserving you are of what we have often called a double destiny. At a
certain point, the stars of your destiny can shift if you have done enough to bring yourselves to that point
on your journey.
A great inner and outer vastness will open into your awareness and opportunities, previously,
impossible to imagine will become available to you. You have known and explored the yang, you have
known and explored the yin and now you will come to know a force, a THIRD FORCE that transcends
both, literally dissolves both. Your old training might have described it as the Trinitarian Mystery but we
are going beyond that now, you have now synthesized into something so much more infinite. I leave you
now. I am Mary, Universal Mother of Truth.”
Here is what Martin Laird, author of a Sunlit Absence says about this third force – “…a great inner
vastness opens up from within awareness. It is not an object of awareness, and it is not our own
subjectivity {it transcends both – my words}. Embracing both subjectivity and objectivity, it washes onto
the shores of perception…bringing inner spaciousness, abiding calm and luminous vastness.”
Flower essences that stepped up to support our upliftment are: Lady of the Night, Povonia Strictflora,
Brazillian Tree Rose, Tulip Tree, Yellow Candles, Boneset, coneflower, Magenta Rose Hollyhock,
Lithodora, Partridge Berry (Twin Flower), Yarrow, Pine and Chicory and numerous other flowers entered


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