The Rainbow Garden



“I AM the embodiment of my Light Body. I return, again and again, to The Rainbow Garden for nourishment and inspiration so that I manifest my full potential as Light God or Goddess.”

Mary tells us: “you now embody the full potential of manifestation into Light Body. Easily visit the City of Light frequencies anchored now on the earth plane in The Rainbow Garden; they will fully nourish and inspire you. The Rainbow Gardens must be accessed etherically to receive their benefits. Let me show you the way….”

Mary then went on to show us grey blue hills that magnetized us in until we walked in a wilderness of hushed silence and solitude. We came upon a small, simply build hermitage. On the door there was a note that said, “what you seek is in the garden,” with a small arrow pointing to the right.

Taking a tiny path, we entered into a garden of red flowers. Every imaginable shade of red was represented. Some red flowers sat near the ground and had purple centers. Others glistened like rubies. Some shot up into the sky, as red as cardinal flowers, their color more complete because of the background of a blue sky. As we looked around for a place to sit, we saw the Blessed Virgin Mary kneeling in prayer. Although she did not look up as we entered, she telepathically told us to kneel beside her. We did so and immediately dove into contemplation….

The soft sound of leaves swaying in a gentle breeze teased at our consciousness, momentarily shifting us from our contemplative awareness and reminding us that we were still in the garden. Now we saw that we were surrounded by flowers of every hue of bright orange. Some had white centers, some yellow and a few low ones had blue centers. We allowed the orange to penetrate every aspect of our emerging Light Body on this etherical dimension…

A change in fragrance (lemony) told us that something had changed and we noted that now the garden was all shades of golden yellow. The frequencies of yellow in all of their hues was received by all… Birds singing opened our eyes to a garden that had now transformed to shades of green, everything from lime green, to emerald green and forest green. Birds sang in ecstatic frequencies, sounding wildly blissful. One could see glimpses of black and white, blue, red, red and white and yellow as the birds moved about in the foliage. The birds sang for our heart chakra transformation into Light Body embodiment. They also sang to us of conscious immortality…

Abruptly, the birds stopped singing and upon inspection, we saw that the gardens had changed to blue. Blues of every shade enveloped us in an infusion of the blue frequencies… In our minds eye, we then saw that the gardens had changed once again into the spiritual frequencies of violet. We soaked in the bath of lavender and violet, fully accepting all of the transformations being made available to us on this refined level… Our final garden was filled with magenta flowers and the back ground sky was studded with stars. This was the frequency we were brought to so that we could receive divine inspiration meant for each of us.

We will have a detailed visualization available . The Rainbow Garden frequencies will in most cases take some time to integrate. Use persistence to nourish and inspire your flourishing Light Body.

The Mary Essences are bottled in purified water instilled with rose water whose roses have been organically grown in Bulgaria. Additionally the essences have been infused with mantra and prayer to stabilize and maintain their frequencies.


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