The Mary Garden



The Mary Garden can be used for your gardens. Put 20 drops into a gallon of water. This combination
contains all of Mary’s favorite flowers. You can also use it to improve your gardening abilities!
Our Lady’s Mantle (Morning Glory)
Our Lady’s Pincushion (Scabiosa)
Our Lady’s Thistle
Blue Eyed Mary
Our Mary’s Delight (Pansy)
Eyes of Mary (Forget-Me-Not)
St. Joseph’s Staff (Hollyhock)
Mary’s Candle (Yellow Mullien)
Our Lady’s Fingers (Honeysuckle)
Our Lady’s Shoes (Columbine)
Mary’s Slippers (Monkshood)
Our Lady’s Tears (Lily of the Valley)
Siberian Iris
Peace Lily
The Mary Rose
French Marigold
Bleeding Hearts
Purple Aster
White Forget- Me- Not
Lenten Rose
Therese Bugnet Rose.


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