The Genesis



These combinations support the manifestation of a vastly more complex heart chakra system and a complete shift in the subatomic structure of the physical heart organ. Helps with evolving of the entire energetic totality of the heart especially related to adjustment to the ever lessening gravitational pull of the earth and its shifting pulse.

Background: From divine guidance:

“Inherent in this entire evolutionary fine tuning, is the desire to move forth with vitality and optimism, one never doubting that the transformation will bring about miraculous concepts of existence that most certainly move beyond all realities we are presently aware of. Cell by cell, organ by organ and system by system, any human being prepared and stepping forth will be transformed, the result delighting you and all creation in its magnificence, unlimited potential and practical application.

My interest was most certainly arrested by the idea, that “cell by cell, organ by organ and system by system” any human being could participate in the transformation. We had already brought in the Violet Combination Formula for the ability to access rarified prana and transform the lungs to accommodate our changes to light beings.

Spiritual guidance continued in a more detailed way:

“An example of a change in an organ would be the complete shift of the subatomic structure of the heart, resulting in the formation of a completely new, vastly more effective organ replacement. In the case of the heart organ, the transformation would include the following features: 1) a heart that would not be subject to any illness, 2) a heart that would function such that it would completely adapt to all types of multidimensional changes involved in any type of travel in any gravitational field, 3) a heart that would function in all the ways that we would expect it to but also in ways that are highly evolved to accommodate all of who we are to be, and 4) the related chakra system to the heart would assume all the energetic roles necessary to support the evolved physical heart organ. This would be a vastly more complex chakra system, already beginning to manifest in many of you.

The Genesis Combination Formula

Genesis means the “coming into being of anything.” In this case this formula is for the manifestation of a new heart organ. Overall this formula is a heart and sensory system unification. It holds uplifting and commanding principles for the body to govern the nervous systems union with the neurotransmitters of the heart. At this point we saw Lemurian scrolls. First we will cover the orchids that are a part of this formula. They have been physically obtained and placed into each bottle of this combination formula.
Crown of Consciousness (for Latin names of orchids please call or e-mail). This essence welcomes you to the Hall of Records, a space within where you will find the living word of God, the Heart of Mystery. This orchid aligns the central axis with the subtle bodies in ONENESS. The resulting alignment / formation creates the golden glow of enlightened experience. The 8th -12th chakras are activated into full processing awakening more truth and inner wisdom from the divine, systems not yet known are also being awakened.
New Vitality – gives the gift of stamina especially under circumstances of long- standing fatigue or exhaustion. Gives a superb energy boost.
Releasing Karmic Patterns- this releases patterns of karma that are held in the 8th chakra. Helps us to let go of rigid belief systems or patterns. Especially important for light beings to release limiting belief systems.
Unconditional Snuggles – this orchid is a process whereby we feel a movement of cocooning or being held in comfort and security as we transform.
Chaledion- this is an etheric galactic stone. It is the full empowerment of Krishna Consciousness. It said it brings in the rivers of life, creation of an innermost peace and interlocks that peace between a being and his/her personality. It contains clearing processes that will begin to integrate and refine energy for the heart organ manifestation.
White Lily- this is a galactic flower that held the pattern of supporting and enhancing charkas 11-15 and the chakra system moving into the earth -1,-2,-3,-4,-5,-6,-7 and -8, the chakras that move down into the earth for this transformation to occur. Helps to connect to another’s consciousness with ease, especially from earth to a more Galactic level of communication.
Selenium and Iron-like combination – we are told this element -like substance releases one from the magnetic qualities of the earth in a timely fashion, to assist us to move from magnetic grids on earth to grids off planet.
Foxfire- this was a mixture of what seemed to be a powdery substance of sapphires and sulfur. We are told it is very healing and accelerates healing in the new body. It is what will bring about a complete metamorphosis; it is a finishing agent for completeness. Also supports synchronicity or divine timing when moving from one grid to another, helps with acclimatizing or smooth transitions from one grid to another. Helps us (like White Lily) to be extremely grounded to ONENESS and source as we transform and experiment with our new mobility- not only for the heart but relief for congestion in digestive, lymphatic and respiratory systems.


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