Thank Full



“I AM overflowing gratitude.”

“I am Mary. I bring you the flowers of gratitude. See, here are devas that impart their vibration filled
with the essence of gratitude. Be my dearest children, overflowing cups of thanks. Full to the top with
thank full ness. You know dear ONES that we have desired for you to have a life not of heavy burdens
and responsibilities, but one of liberation into the Light of ONE. Lift your hands in thank full ness to the
devas of the flowers. Hold your hands up in gratitude to the devas of the flowers of thanks giving.
The only weight that your hands hold, and for that matter the only weight that your entire physical
aspect needs to hold is the weight of gratitude; the gravity of thankfulness.
In these times, please dear ONES, hold close to your heart the essential, pure essence of gratitude in
every moment, in every NOW moment. In fact you will be held close to the heart of Earth because the
gravitational field will hold those close that are of the vibration of gratitude. The reason that I hold you
so close to me dear ONES is because you so completely hold the vibration of gratitude.
Practice the art of THANK FULL ness in every NOW moment and you will easily maintain your
beingness in close affinity to mine and in ONENESS. I am Mary and my teaching this day is to be in
gratitude in every moment and in this way, every one of you will be guided in all ways. I bow to you in
gratitude and leave you now.”
The anchor flowers are Peony, Self Heal, Coneflower, White Lilac, Joe Pye Weed, Bee Balm,
Mayflower, Snow Drop, Bottle Gentian and White Clover were added as anchor flowers while others
were added etherically.


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