Terra Firma



“I AM a Nova Being and with every step that I take, my feet
exhale love and light into Nova Earth and inhale love and light

back into my entire energy system.”

"I am Mary dear ONES and I bring you TERRA FIRMA. Now is the time for each to step by step, move
forward into their own unique role and to step on solid ground to do so. Watch, I lift my foot and place it
gently and firmly on sweet Nova Earth. Now I lift the other foot and with conscious attention, place it
upon this responsive Earth. Yes, our blessed Earth responds to your footsteps for NOW the feet that walk
the Earth infuse love energy on and into her. Sweet, nurturing love food from your feet saturated with
loving kindness. Thousands of love feet healing Earth and Earth healing love feet.
Now dear ONES, if you all want to call Earth your home, see that your shoes, slippers and feet are
resting on the Mother and you will no longer want to stray off into the cosmos as much. Your desire will
be to stay on the solid sweetness of the Earth plane and bring into full manifestation the plans and
dreams that will now even more fully reveal themselves to each and every ONE of you."
Extensive scientific research has validated the efficacy of creating a connection with the Earth by
walking barefoot on her grass, rocks, or soil or walking along the interface between the sand and the
water. This connection is referred to as grounding.
Research demonstrates that when your bare feet come in contact with our beloved Gaia, free
electrons are taken up into the body. These electrons act as exceedingly effective antioxidants and
neutralize the damaging influence of free radicals that are known to augment inflammation, disease,
and aging.
The Earth’s energy improves ones physiology by allowing the body to repair and promote healing for
inflammation related disorders. Reduction of chronic pain, improved sleep, increased vitality,
normalized biological rhythms, reduced headaches , and balanced hormones are just a few of the many
benefits of grounding. Grounding techniques have proven to lower anxiety levels, release trauma, and
increase inner calmness. We all know that the calmer we are, the more able we are to hear the voice of
the divine. We want that inner “lake of the mind” to be a calm and still lake, so that reflections (fom
divine sources) show upon the lake. A rippled lake will not show clear reflections. And remember also
that the more grounded we are, (like a tree with deep strong roots can grow vast and tall) the more we
can send our “antennas” higher up into the cosmos to accentuate our connection with the divine.

This flower essence combination contains Calendula, Bloodroot, Sweet Olive, Jewelweed, Toothwort,
Wintergreen, Pipsisewa, Oak, and Yellow Bellwort as anchor flowers while others were added


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