Sweetness of Solitude



“I am the blessings of inner silence.”

St. Francis was there in the rainbow garden when I visited to receive the information about this
flower essence combination. He said:
“My dear ONES, you have traveled through the portal to our dimension and we will sit together and
listen to the message from the dear flower known as Trailing Arbutus”…..”I am Trailing Arbutus and I
speak to you from a dwelling place saturated with the sweetness of solitude. Lay down on your bellies
and lift my leathery leaves and inhale of my blessed fragrance. I bless you for your interest for I am
difficult to find and my bloom period is fleeting. Your search efforts will be amply rewarded. I bring you
dearest ONES the ability to quiet the noise of the sensory input, to turn off the outside distractions, such
that the sweetness of solitude will not only prevail but be your dominant desire.
My essence serves those who fear to be alone in their own silence. An indescribable sweetness will
nourish your silent periods with a soft security and comfort.
I am an essence for retreats, for meditation periods and even for silent sanctuary among many. The
prevalence of my vibrations of fragrance is wonderful for sacred spaces, spray my essence and
inspirations from the silence will reign triumphant.
I am the essence of the nourishment of silence. There is no more to say – silence will say it all.”
Trailing Arbutus is an anchor flower for the Mary Essence Combination SWEETNESS OF SOLITUDE.
The other anchor flowers in this combination are Heliotrope (the perfected attitude and resonance for
prayer), Lavender (highly protective and balances our electrical system as we evolve, keeps us from
blowing our fuses), Wild Strawberry (for the health of the heart on all levels), and Thistle (creates an
inner sanctuary for our spiritual growth, keeps us free of distractions).


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