“All that you have within you, all that your heart desires, all that your own nature so especially plans for you- that or the counterpart of it waits embedded in the great whole for you. It will surely come to you. Yet equally surely not one moment before its appointed time will it come. All your crying and fever and reaching out of hands will make no difference. Therefore do not begin that game at all”
Edward Carpenter

A beach endlessly surrenders itself to the eternal interfusion of sand and sea. The persistent roots of a growing tree push their way through a surrendering earth. To fully experience the condition of surrender can be difficult and Mary says that we haven’t even begun. She asks us to listen to the speak of Nodding Trillium:

I am Nodding Trillium whose essence is for the reenactment of purpose of will. My nature is to stand tall on emerald forest floors, but to graciously (in grace) nod to the will of the divine. I am an excellent remedy for those that have difficulties following directions from divine realms. My essence is used to bring about the emergence or retrieval of the aspects that respond to the will of our highest divinity.

My task is to help you to unfold again and again out from the coarse fabric of free will and into the soft silky folds, the lightest essence of being wrapped by the divine, enraptured (enfolded by rapture)) by the divine and the divine’s marvelous purpose for you.

Your experience of me will clear the resistance, removing the layers of armor, the crusts that have limited most of what you are truly meant to be”

You will not be reduced to something small dear ONES, no your divine energies will expand like the morning sun shining in the forests where I am found, where my wing like leaves await the energy of the sunlight and will lift off into the expansion of all that I am. I am Nodding Trillium. Fly free with me into the soft embrace of our divine creator. She will set you free.”

The act of surrender is huge and so are the repercussions. Surrendering disconnects or neutralizes our ego so that we are able to entirely experience our oneness Always there is a side of us that is striving or trying hard, and in moderation this is the healthy ego and very human. All this endeavoring can eventually leave us feeling discouraged and disconnected, for as we spiritually grow, we long to reconnect. Sooner or later we give up, we defer to something greater, we find ourselves yearning to come back to being in sync with the universal rhythm. We acquiescence. Then the magic starts, for as we unfold into surrender, we find ourselves unfolding into the flow of the Divine River. We surrender like a child and learn that we are a child of God.

(SURRENDER contains the anchor flowers of Nodding Trillium, Yellow Bellwort and White Yarrow.)

The Mary Essences are bottled in purified water instilled with rose water whose roses have been organically grown in Bulgaria. Additionally the essences have been infused with mantra and prayer to stabilize and maintain their frequencies.


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