Sugar Cravings



Sugar Cravings Combination Formula : This combination formula is surprisingly effective at reducing sugar cravings. Take 20 drops upon awakening and then any time during the day that you have a sudden sugar craving take about 10 drops. It only takes a few days for the cravings to subside, however a daily morning dose is recommended for about 3 weeks.

Here are the flower essences that are combined in Sugar Cravings:

Rosa Gallica holds you in sacred geometry (an energetically protective jewel-like structure) while you retune and stay tuned to essences below.

Graniana Rose – guides emotional energies towards co-creative endeavors with etheric beings, activation of co-creation chakra at the base of the skull.

Lady Palm – finely tunes the velocities and alignment of the entire chakra system

Petunia St. Germain – holds attunement to the act of forgiveness, including forgiveness to self, contains the violet flame of transformation, burns off the parasites requiring sugar with its high vibrations.

Chicory – brings momentum to our intentions, especially helpful on physical levels.

Banana – very beneficial for overall healing, banana’s focus zeros in on the teeth, mouth, jaws, throat and neck, excellent for sugar cravings.

Henry Hudson Rose – encourages confidence and the establishment of clear boundaries.

Pear – for integrating life experience rather than stuffing it away to deal with later

The Eight Garden – brings sanctuary, harmony, grace, ease, excellent for disharmony, helps us to find our own sweetness in ONENESS, helps us feel protected and safe.

Golden Armor – high level protection for every one of our frequency levels, may offer protection from parasites on various levels (negative astral energies are an example)

Moonlight Datura – helps us to stay connected to our own sweetness by encouraging our Goddess selves to emerge.

Tuscany Rose – helps to understand the activities and patterns of a culture as it relates to its geographical location.

Watch Your Back – another combination essence that is helpful for psychic attacks on other levels of our energy force field.

Pipsisewa – research essence

Leopard’s Bane – neutralizes radiation that we have already received and protects from atmospheric radiation or radiation from medical technology or other technology.

Claret Cup – this amazing essence is for the cultivation of respect for our temple body, especially helpful for recovering from religious dogma that taught us that the body was “bad” and its 1st and 2nd chakra energies were not important.

Inner Child – excellent essence for helping us to see behavior patterns that we learned as a child that are no longer serving us as adults.


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