Stairway to Heaven



Mary’s Pilgrimage Essences

Universal Mother Mary has guided us to make a series of essences she wants called her
Pilgrimage Essences. As I understand it, collecting flower essences from sacred sites helps us to
integrate and translate a greater understanding of the earth’s sacred lands. The first Pilgrimage
Essence that we were guided to call STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN combines flowers from a sacred site
in Council Grove, Kansas. In 2010, the second Pilgrimage Essence will be made in the
wilderness of the Adirondacks in upstate New York. Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!


White Memorial Camp, located in Council Grove, Kansas has been the historical meeting
place for indigenous tribes from all over North America, Mexico and parts of northern South
America for over 2000 years. This natural prairie area is absolutely beautiful in early June,
carpeted with every shade of color imaginable. The gentle winds blowing the fragrant flowers
of the prairie is what I am reminded of every time I take this flower essence combination. I was
guided by Universal Mother Mary to make a pilgrimage to this sacred location in June, 2009. I
slowly have learned why:
David Yarrow, a well known dowser visited this site in 2008 and said the following about the
“I detected a massive water flow under the land…this rising vertical column
of deep, primary water is a massive flow system that distributes water outward
through 27 veins. Normally, I find 5,7 or 9 veins, – on occasion 13 – rarely 21. So
27 veins in one flow system is rare, extraordinary and fascinating.
A quick dowsing survey indicated 8 ley lines… typically it is unusual to have 2
ley lines, so for 8 ley s to cross a site is extraordinary and auspicious. . The
grass is greener where the ley lines begin.
This unifying energy field forms a vortex of dense magnetic flux descending
from the sky called a “Stairway to Heaven.” While my map is still incomplete,
data declares that White Memorial Camp is a major earth energy center.”
Resonant intelligence asked that flowers be collected for an essence at the point where the
etheric Stairway to Heaven vortex is mapped. This was an area about ¼ of a mile square.
Flowers included were Butterfly Milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa), Cat Claw Mimosa (Mimosa
quadrivalvis), Purple Coneflower (Echinicea angustifolia) and Spiderwort (Tradescantia

chiensis). All 19 flowers are described and the list can be obtained by request at
Although we need to integrate and translate a great deal more from this essence we know
that the vibrations of a Stairway to Heaven vortex are imbued in this essence combination. If
we have a longing for a certain experience that can only be obtained from making a pilgrimage
to a place, an essence combination certainly can act as a temporary substitute. Holding the
vibrations of this essence with the intention of awakening other land areas may also be
possible. There is so much to learn from Mary’s first pilgrimage essence. It is our hope at
SPIRITWATER GARDENS that you will enjoy downloading information from precious land areas
on earth.


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