Spiritual/Sturctural Integrity



This flower essence remedy has been such a key essence for clearing those old issues related to the emotional level of being. The vibrations of these issues are lower and will no longer serve the evolving light body. The discomfort from these issues clearing feels, for some, like pain that is moving around just below the surface of the skin. This is the old issues from the subconscious aspects of being that are trying to “pop” out to the surface to be released much like a bubble begins at the bottom of a pond and pops at the surface. Some of the flowers in this remedy even look like bubbles! This is especially will bring out nostalgia and sentiment that is no longer serving as well as the lower vibrations of trapped emotions that we need to release to move to higher frequencies. Our learning curve is completed on the emotional level with this release! When you need this formula you may have discomfort at the just below skin level and even a rash or other kind of outbreak. (Flowers- White Campion, Sweet Cicely, Honeysuckle, Coastal Sea Rocket, Sea Purslane, and Juniper).


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