Spiritual Partnership



Spiritual Partnership Combination Formula is a blend of flower essences especially formulated to enhance any endeavor involving two individuals. This essence clears the energy field of long held negative affirmations that have blocked us from true spiritual partnerships on all levels. Use for committed personal relationships, business partners, or animal/human relationships. The formula can be given to animals as well. This essence reveals the divinity of each partner.

Spiritual Partnership Combination Formula contains the following essences:

Partridge Berry – brings about spiritual oneness in all types of partnerships, builds from an understanding that all is God, helps the partnership bear fruit.

Indian Pipe – helps us become one with the vibration of God’s Peace, planetary awakening into a full remembrance of peace in relationships.

Gall of the Earth – this beautiful wildflower clarifies the experience of Heaven on Earth, we see through the illusion of separation, gently union of Heaven and Earth becomes our total adventure.

Spice Tree – doorway into a different perception of the physical world, awakens the five senses to a super charged mystical level.

Hawthorn – this special heart chakra essence mirrors the in- breath – willingness to receive, with the out- breath- willingness to give, total love, faith and trust.

The Mary Rose – cleanses and rebalances the heart chambers to be a pure and strong chalice for the threefold flame of Divine Love, Divine Power and Divine Wisdom, the heart is filled to capacity with love and joy.

Petunia St. Germain – forgiveness on all levels for all times.

Ice Plant – cosmic bliss, a very high vibration of resilient joy, bliss and laughter.

Chives – helps us maintain balance between male and female energy.

Ixora – supports us in making wise and life affirming decisions about our choices in sexual relationships, gives us a sense of wholeness in relationship.

Broccoli – helps us stay centered and focused when there is chaos all around, brings us to a full understanding of the wisdom and power of our Godselves in a detached way.

Passion Flower – connects directly with our Godselves, relaxes all the tensions, all the puzzle pieces slice effortlessly into place, eternal oneness with our Godself.

Coral Pink Rose – this essence is for when we project negatively into the future and assume “the worst,” we become centered in knowing that all is unfolding in perfect divine order.


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