Solomon’s Seal



“I am safe for I am service to love and light.”

“Greetings, I am Mary. I urge you at this time to make this essence that you shall call SOLOMON’S
SEAL. This essence will allow you to know the fullness of all dimensions. Although some of you are aware
of the formation of this seal and usefulness, many know not of it, often because it has been damaged.
The SOLOMON’S SEAL was originally put in place by Creator so that you would have the experience of a
human form, but also have a protective netting (think like a hammock) that contained you.
You are a collection of sacred atoms, molecules, DNA, and fibers that become your sacred light body,
within and without and above and below. Your containment allows you to feel your physicality.
Although you know containment, you are also learning that you can be absolutely safe in using this
permeable netting to gather, cultivate and harness love and light frequencies from the far reaches of
universes beyond universes in accordance and adherence to universal laws. For example, you can draw
through your permeable shield, without picking up any malevolent forces, creation codes that you wish
to draw upon and work with, to create within your own sphere.
Through time with the human collective in its learning curve of free will, your seal or shield became
torn, tattered and frayed and not only no longer protected you, but also made it difficult for you to draw
forward those love and light energies that are so necessary for your continued evolution. Your seal shall
be bright , clear, and pure. My essence combination will quickly restore your sacred shield to its elegant
brightness and it will be my dearest ONES and you will know safety and security regardless of where your
travels on other dimensions take you, as you follow the directives from Creator/Source to continue the
process of the formation of Heaven on Earth and beyond.”
Flower Essences contained within the sacred flower essence formula are:
Solomon’s Seal – Restoring your sacred shield to its elegant brightness, repairing it such that it functions
in accordance with the divine blue print for the most complete expression of one’s God Self.
False Solomon’s Seal – For clearing out false grids, erroneous thoughts and all limitation and fear around
exploration of our multidimensionality.
Comfrey – For the soul accepting the body and the body accepting the soul.
Hollyhock – Brings and inner compass so that you know where you are in space and time. An inner GPS.
Moonflower – This flower blooms pure radiant white at night.

Purple Violet – Very celestial and holds the violet flame energies and other protective forces.
White Violet – shape shifting, creative solutions.
Star of Bethlehem- Sacred knowledge and wisdom.
Yellow Dog Tooth Violet – unknown
Maltese Cross – Repairs that which has been torn apart, often a great deal of trauma has occurred
around this and that trauma is cleared as well.
Star Clover – unknown
Sago Palm – Holds the blueprint for the enlightened human.


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