Social Anxiety



Social Anxiety Combination Formula : This combination of flower essences is for those who have difficulty in social situations. It is excellent for empathic personalities who tend to absorb negative energy from the surroundings and from other people, which is often an underlying reason for them to avoid social situations as much as possible. Help us to let go and at the same time have clarity and focus in social interactions.

Social Anxiety Combination Formula contains the following flower essences:

Indian Pipe – for inner peace.

Petunia St. Germain – forgiveness, all levels, all times, Violet Flame of Transmutation.

Clematis – grounding.

Broccoli – when you feel like you are under psychic attack, excellent “soul learning experience” essence.

Babies of Light – specific vibrations that are very soothing for our electrical systems, for feeling of being overwhelmed, nervousness, and establishing of boundaries. Excellent for grounding and remaining joyful.

Jade – improving your ability to go with the flow, letting go.

Precious Blood – improvement of blood chemistry.

Loquat – for integrating life experience rather than stuffing it away to deal with later

Bottle Gentian – empowerment, improved clarity, intention and focus.

Pennyroyal – protection from negative people and places

Carouby De Maussane Pea – excellent for harmonization between people or groups

Pink Tecoma – vibrational connection to knowing you are deeply and truly loved by Creator, gives a great deal of comfort and support.

Honeysuckle – reduces sentiment, nostalgia, regrets, old memories, wishing that things were a certain way, instead use that energy for creativity and spirituality

Nuuphretia Lavarrisa – courage, fearlessness.

Feverfew – breaks up deep seated anger, confusion, worry and despair.

The Arbor Garden – for harmony, inner peace, sanctuary and grace.

Borage – for courage related to matters of the heart.

Jewelweed – for patience.


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