Silent Heart



“ I am ONE with my soul residing within the cave beneath my heart chakra chalice”
Here is what Universal Mother Mary tells us about the soul and this new essence called SILENT
HEART.  "The soul speaks to us from the silent chamber that is below what appears to you now, as the
floor of the heart chakra. Focus on this chamber and from this vast space the voice of the soul can be
heard.  Now, bring your field of knowing to the possibility of dynamic interplay of soul with all outer
experience…as the knowing increases, you will more truly than ever before be able to walk hand in hand
with the soul and its multidimensional center….Attend to the chamber in its silence.  Choose to draw
your guidance and strength from this place of wisdom and vast experience.  Here you will never be
distracted from the chaos of the exterior or even the emotions and desires of the heart.  Here is your
direct connection to the voice of Creator… You have just begun this uncharted journey of the soul and the
rewards are limitless.  Rest in the cave of the soul my children and your told and untold dreams will
become manifest.
F.J. Grootendorst Rose stepped up first to be part of a precious new essence that Universal Mother
Mary asked us to call SILENT HEART. Take a moment to just really be with this flower (see photo) with all
of your senses. Imagine that it is a mandala and you meditate upon it. Can you feel it open that chamber
at the base of your heart?

      Universal Mother Mary has spoken before about the new heart work that we are evolving towards
and she shared that we are moving to 4 chambers to the heart. The first three are more familiar and
they are the 1. THE PURE HEART and the work is clearing bias and judgment, 2. THE EXPANDING HEART
and the work is amplifying feeling and compassion, and 3.  THE COURAGEOUS HEART and the work is
developing our inner authority.  The fourth component is THE SILENT HEART and it is this area that is
awakening.  St. Teresa of Avila said that she "could find nothing to compare with the great beauty of the
soul and its infinite capacity…the soul is nothing but a paradise in which God takes delight."

Except for our essence called WILDERNESS MYSTIC, this is the other essence involved with developing
intimacy with our soul.  We always need to remember to be in awe of the soul and know that our lives
are meant to be an exploration of all the aspects of being with the promise of revelation of soul. We
have amplified the clearing of the imprints on body, mind, and emotions and we are now asked to move
beyond this superficiality and go deeper to explore the great mystery of the soul.
  Here are the flowers that were physically put in to this profoundly soulful combination: F.J.
Grootendorst Rose (activates soul chamber), Mediterranean Thistle (protects us from distractions), Star
Clover (star connections, self reflection), Abutilon (subtle sound awareness), Lily of the Valley (highly

refining for the senses), Spring Beauty (also highly refining for the senses, attunement to nature),
Juniper (revelation, secure in our knowledge, White Lilac (soul connection), Baneberry (soul awakening),
Jacaranda (dream state), and Sicilian Wild Sweet Pea (dream state, ancient knowing).


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