Shamanic Gateway



As your awareness expands, you become more multidimensional in your ability to see from and into different dimensions and perspectives. Flowers hold wisdom and specific teachings and higher guidance was very particular about the flowers that went into this combination. Several of the flower essences were made in the Florida Keys, an area said to be holding ancient knowledge. My work with the flower essences has shown to me, without a doubt, that you can learn Shamanism through interaction with flower essences. My ability to do readings for your Power Animal Totem, came directly from the flowers and their teachings. This formula, specifically shows you the gateways to other dimensions and portals of wisdom and also brings you closer to an understanding of how the natural world is an avenue for this kind of exploration. Anyone interested in learning more about the Shamanic Traditions and “Everyday Shamans” will benefit from this mystical teacher. (Flowers- Blue Bead, Pink Lady Slipper, Black Bead, Blue Cornflower, Havana Skullcap,White Violet, Yellow Water Lily, Dwarf Ginseng, Morning Glory, Snowdrop, Pink Hollyhock, Samphire, and Lavender).

We have photos of any of these flowers if you would like to see them.


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