Self Worth



Self Worth Combination Formula is a blend of flower essences especially formulated to promote an improved sense of self esteem and unconditional love for our self without judgement. As the essences clear ourselves of long held negative affirmations that have blocked us from truly loving ourselves, we gain clarity abour the divinity of our life’s path and purpose.

Self Worth Combination Formula contains the following essences:

Sage – this essence contains the “body wisdom” of the planet, helps us choose from the four directions wisely, even in the dark we could find our way, a spiritual road map.

The Butterfly Garden – a liberating, expansive and joyful combination of flowers that assist in helping set us free from the illusions that contain us, the true self emerges.

Petunia St. Germain – brings about unconditional love for self by allowing forgiveness to permeate every cell of our being.

Painkiller Plant – this essence transmutes painful circumstances into fully integrated wisdom, we bloom fully and powerfully as we transcent painful events that we thought defined us.

Meadowsweet – reminds us that we are nothing but God experiencing ourself, promotes unconditional love and total non-judgment by reminding us of our complete self-worth.

Crab Apple – helps us to let go of the judgments we have made about mistakes we made in our past, clears us of the ego reactions of despair and self-loathing.

Hyssop – releases us from guilt on all levels for all time, all events in our lives are learning lessons not evidence that we are flawed.

Black-eyed Susan – supports the experience of complete self-love.

Sunflower – nudges us towards a total understanding and realization that each of us is a God or Goddess, a chalice of light in perfect balance.

Mallow – helps us release worry, fear, and judgment associated with the aging process, especially related to transitions like adolescence and menopause, reminds us that we are timeless beings in an experience of time.

Loquat – helps us make purposeful choices as we glean knowledge about our lives as they unfold, gain an understanding that we create circumstances for learning.

Eyes of Mary – helps us reframe our understanding of events so that we see the gifts inherent in difficult situations.

Self Heal – helps clear the thought process that suggests that we are powerless to heal ourselves, brings in knowledge that helps us heal.

Morning Glory – opens you to receive the blessings of the world.

Turnera – brings us knowledge and complete alignment with our life purpose.

Prince of Venus – helps us to smoothly find our unique identity in a context of oneness with our Christ Consciousness.


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