Sacred Sound



“I become healed through the sounds of nature.”

“I am Mary and know that I am always with you my dearest children. I bring you on this day the gift
of benefiting from the healing powers of sound. Children, know that every whisper of the wind, every
wave with its touch on the sands of a beach, every buzz of a bee, and every flutter of a leaf has the
potential for healing some aspect of your energetic field. Do you know the call of the eagle, or the loon,
or the hermit thrush? This one that writes this, she seeks out these sounds, and lets the sound waves
from these birds imbue her beingness, for she knows that these notes and vibrations have subtle healing
qualities that awaken the soul and spirit.
Gather round children and let us sit together in the silence and listen to the blessed voices of every
living thing in your surroundings. Hear now the babbling of the brook, the song of the chickadee, and
the soft wind blowing through the pine trees above us. Each one of these sounds balances a chakra. The
water sounds are for balancing the second chakra of creativity, change, and sensuality. The soft wind
sounds expand the heart chakra and the chickadee’s song brings healing to the throat chakra.”
Here are examples other sounds to listen for, as they are very healing:
Wood Peckers Tapping
Cicada’s Humming
Waterfalls Roaring
Dozens of Birds Singing in Spring
The Rattle of Dead Leaves on a Tree
The Rattle of the Seeds of Grasses
The Calls of Any Bird
Wind Moving Through Pine Trees
Additionally, we have learned that this lovely combination nourishes our ability to live in silence for
periods of time without finding it difficult. You don’t have to go on a silence retreat! We have also been
told that when taking SACRED SOUND, that if we have time, we try to set aside an hour, or even half
hour to practice our silence. We are asked to tune into universal sound. This essence will bring profound
support for this process. The more that you can tune into silence, the more that you will hear the voice
of the divine. Also because the throat chakra is not wasting energy through speech, the extra energy

increases the energetic exchange from the heart chakra to the crown chakra and beyond. Silence is an
excellent path for amplifying our ability to align our hearts to our divine path.
SACRED SOUND contains Silver Palm, Kentucky Blue Grass, Spring Beauty, Zinnia, Jack in the Pulpit,
Mango, Spanish Needles, Grooved Flax, Abuliton, Red Pine, and Purple Love Grass and other flowers
that were etherically added.


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