“I am the treasure to those that reveal themselves.”

“I am Mary. I see that my blessed children yearn and even thirst for greater spiritual experience. In
response, this day, I wish to speak to you dearest ONES on the subject of revelation. Yes, you note that
an aspect of this word is “to reveal.” Just as “celebrate” equates with the subject of celebration or
“elated” correlates with elation, the “revealed” denotes an event when termed revelation.
How is it that an event becomes a revelation – for many, many events take place on a daily basis, but
a revelation – why for some, that might just take place only a few times in a lifetime. A revelation is a
shift in perception that creates an expansion in consciousness. Something revealed usually assumes that
someone has been looking. Yes we suggest that ardent seekers are most apt to experience profound
revelations and that is because the aspirant is tugging at the apron strings of Creator, saying “show me,
show me” and as a child asking a question of his mother over and over again cannot be ignored forever,
so too the Creator and its universe respond.
My dear ONES, know this, revelation is a matter assumed to be in the hands of Creator or God or at
the very least, outside of our control. There is truth in this assumption but know too, that revelations
are in your own hands as well. What we mean by this is that revealing your inner most yearnings,
desires, weaknesses and strengths – whatever you can bring up – this process brings about revelation. It
is your inner efforts, prayers, desires and confessions revealed that bloom with the flower of revelation.
We walk beside you (yes it is I Mary, but it is many others as well) and we show you along your path
many flowers of revelation but we urge you too, to continually see yourself as a flower blooming season
after season of revelation after revelation. This is not a static process, it continues to reveal as you
continue to reveal and your revelations will be treasures, revealed to those that reveal themselves.”
What a beautiful message from Universal Mother Mary! We have found this essence to be excellent
for those desiring to “know what they don’t know that they don’t know.” It is so important to see what
we are not seeing for our unlimited expansion in our complete expression of our soul destiny path. In
fact , my most yearned for wish in every moment is to have revealed to me, what it is that I have no
knowledge of, but need to know, to move along my path.
(REVELATION contains Yellow Dog Toothed Violet , Flowering Blue Jade, Bee Balm, Cornflower, Indian
Pipe, Rhododendron, Omey Island, Green Milkweed and Comet Flower as anchor flower essences).


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