“I release all illusions of separation, isolation and abandonment.”

Abandonment is one of our most deeply embedded core issues within the collective humanity at
this time. Universal Mother Mary tells us that this core symptom results from “our decision as a
collective to choose free will over divine guidance. We abandoned our divine and the result of this is that
we continue to mirror this lack of connectedness and will do so until we embrace reunion with our divine
Although abandonment issues ultimately stem from our lack of union with the Gods of our
understanding, they can be triggered by loss in childhood, inadequate emotional or physical support in
childhood, and from betrayal. Saying that “no one loves me” or thinking that someone loves me but any
moment is going to leave me are statements that indicate abandonment issues. Mood swings, low self
esteem and anger issues can also stem from abandonment.
Abandonment can negatively affect every single relationship that we can be involved in. We have
unconsciously decided that we would rather go through abandonment, as we have erroneously decided
that abandonment keeps us safe from heartbreak.
Universal Mother Mary shares the following:
“It is time for human illusions of separation, isolation and abandonment to be cleared and for the next
step to be taken for the reestablishment in re-anchoring and bringing the forth the totality of being.
With this essence I bring forth the complete realization of our connectedness, not only to each other but
also the reuniting with all kingdoms on all levels. I bring forth the joy of connectedness and replenish
your heart, mind and soul. Embrace REUNION my children and the roadblocks to your unlimited and vast
potential will fall away.”
REUNION (ABANDONMENT) contains the following flower essences and gem essences: Bottle
Gentian (future coming towards you), Comfrey (reunion of soul and spirit with mind and body), Chicory
(anchoring all the way to the physical level), Dutchman’s Breeches, Lupine (union of yin and yang),
Osteospermum (huge lightholder), Therese Bugnet Rose, Maltase Cross (repairs what has been torn
apart), Broccoli (feel safe when circumstances are in a falling apart stage), Bloodroot (healing for the
family tree), Lady’s Mantle (protection during incubation stages of birthing a project or new beginning),
Partridge Berry (twin flame reunion), Sweet Cicely (clears old nostalgia and sentimentality), Canary
Island Broom (still in research stage) and the gem essences of Amphitrite and Samphire.


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