Release Twin Flame Karma



“My twin flame mirror is so highly polished that I am the perfect realization of the reflection
shining back at me, free of even one speck of negativity. I ask only, what would love do


A client had asked that her intention for her energy healing be bring greater intimacy to her Twin
Flame Relationship or to sever it all together, as in that moment, it was not a healthy relationship for
her. She had been working for several years at this relationship and was understandably discouraged. I
did think her intention was a bit severe, (we will never entirely sever the twin flame relationship) but
this is not an unusual feeling for the conscious twin to feel, as there is so much that can block the
reunion of the sacred and true Twin Flame Relationship. We went into an altered consciousness as my
client and I worked together to receive an answer around this question.
The Blessed Virgin Mary energies entered immediately. She suggested that my client intend – “Please
ask for the release of all karma for all twin flames on planet earth. “ I said this aloud to my client and all
of our guides. Mary also said:
“There is ultimately no other that we will desire but the twin flame. It is because of the karma
incurred over life times that a dense webbing veils the twin flame relationship so that we cannot see its
sacredness. There is truly nothing that each individual needs to do for the return to the perfection of the
twin flame relationship, except to see that all the attempts made to reconcile the relationship over
thousands of lifetimes have resulted in more karmic build up. (You see there was betrayal, cheating,
infidelity and more as we were in free will.) All other illusions will fall away when we have the clarity
that all that needs to be done is to recognize and clear the karma.
This reconciliation can be neither accelerated or delayed. It will all come to pass in perfect divine
order. Remember that our twin flame is a mirror. If we think “this is not working,” so too does our twin
flame think the same and the relationship falters. Again all that is needed is to recognize that the karma
and trauma needs to be released.”

At the end of the healing the Blessed Virgin Mary asked that a vibrational essence formula be made
up to be made available to all that seek it. The orchid “Releasing Karmic Patterns” is included. This is a
truly transformational formula. We have found that this essence at this writing can take up to 2 years to
fully integrate and be translated for the desired outcome. As tipping points are met, successive dosage
periods will be shorter and releasing will take less time.

We have learned that very high states of consciousness are needed to maintain the twin flame
relationship. This is not a relationship to take lightly, and rushing into it will be difficult, as each person
needs a lot of space to do clearing and recalibration. I love to say that the “tide goes in and the tide goes
out” with the twin flame relationship. For more information see also TWIN FLAME REUNION flower
essence combination.
(RELEASE TWIN FLAME KARMA contains the anchor flowers of Cardinal flower, Blue Flag Iris,
Bleeding Heart, Twinberry, Partridge Berry, Cotton, Blanc Double de Coubert Rose, and Releasing
Karmic Patterns Orchid.


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