Release Trauma



“ I am completely and forever cleared of any and all trauma from this lifetime and others.”
We asked for years for an essence combination that would easily release lifetimes of accumulated
trauma and we were finally blessed with this gift from Universal Mother Mary that she asked us to call
RELEASE TRAUMA. A massive shift in consciousness in early May, 2006 gave way to this miraculous
remedy and we will be forever grateful for its ability to release trauma in grace and ease. Universal
Mother Mary said with a smile that she cannot rush a vibrational formula if she could not guarantee
perfect results and she smiled even more fully as she reminded us that she did not want the karma of
guaranteeing a outcome and not being able to follow through. Mary’s words for this formula were few
yet succinct:
“I am Mary and I give you RELEASE TRAUMA. Gone NOW are the conditions that the physical body
need hold memories of trauma on any level for any period. This even will mark a point in time where all
was held, and in relatively just a few moments, all will be released.”
We understand that this formula holds the intention to activate the pulses of the endocrine system.
In doing so it unfreezes the trauma which is able to “dance” its way out. An analogy might be visualizing
a puzzle in which the puzzle pieces are loosened in such a way that the trauma can find its way out.
This is one formula that may produce “symptoms” in some sensitive people. As this remedy is
integrated, one may feel the need to rest at some point in the day within a week of taking the formula.
As you rest, your subconscious may feel the formula working as you fast forward (or backward) through
lifetimes as the trauma clears. You will not know the trauma, you will just know you are releasing a lot!
There may also be more dreams related to trauma for the first week or so, especially related to this
lifetime. Until “tipping point” is reached in humanity’s overall consciousness as related to the release of
trauma, more than one bottle may be necessary; but once a relatively few individuals are clear, the
process will become much smoother and a 2 oz. bottle taken per dosage for 21 consecutive days should
suffice. RELEASE TRAUMA contains Red Hibiscus, F. J. Gootendorst Rose, Black Currant, Double Yellow
Hibiscus, Ylang Ylang, Buttercup, Peony, Salmonberry, Bells of Ireland, Sulphur Cinquefoil, and Bloodroot
as anchor flowers, and the gem essence of Copper.


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