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Release Habit Formula : We all have habits, unconstructive patterns of behaving, and addictions. Habits can include holding on to things we no longer need, living in clutter and disorganization, avoiding responsibilities around our financial situation, being a “doormat” to our family, addictions to foods, drinks, and drugs, and even the behavior of being in pain. Some of our habits are easy to identify and some are much less obvious.

Most therapists and spiritual teachers with an approach that includes energetic concepts, would agree that many of our less constructive patterns begin at the heart chakra. Instead of being unconditionally loving to ourselves, we have twisted ourselves around and instead have found ways to not love ourselves or to be conditionally loving to ourselves in one way or another.

For eons, our bodies, on the earth plane, have been pulled one way and our souls in another direction. This polarity has led the heart to a place of being/feeling abandoned on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. My sense is that the more amplified the feeling of separation, the more amplified the pattern of behavior that does not serve us will be.

My guides have finally come forward with a formula to release us of our habits. It has been a long time in coming, but of course the divine assistance will not download a formula until they know that the results will be significant. They concerned about their karma too!

You will see that this divinely guided formula includes flower essences from plants that may have, at another level, created a tendency towards an addiction. For example, you will see that RELEASE HABIT includes California Poppy, Coffee Flower, Grape and White Nicotiana. What I have come to be guided to know from non-physical realms is that an authentic experience of being and healing through a plant can be taken too far and instead of healing, can create real struggles and mind numbing diversions that we initially interpret as movement towards healing.

The gifts of these plants are huge, but when used at the wrong octave, without ritual and ceremony, can create real havoc. We are attracted to these plants, because we intuitively “know” that their gifts will expand us beyond our perceived boundaries and limitations and ultimately- this is what we want for ourselves. Over and over again , I have been witness to the most miraculous but amazingly simple gifts that the flowers have to offer – if Coffee, for example, on the physical level could cause an addiction to caffeine, then the coffee will also have the gift of clearing that addiction on at the octave offered as “essence.”

This is a breakthrough essence; we are proud to offer it. RELEASE HABIT contains:

Bleeding Heart – suffuses anything that you do with the quality of love in an amplified way.

California Poppy – helps us to anchor ourselves in our hearts and also motivates us.

Chicory – increase momentum in our healing process, helps us to leave behind our selfish characteristics.

Coffee – support for clearing ourselves of unconstructive patterns of behavior and thought, freedom to be true to ourselves, also for the habit of taking care of others.

Coastal Sea Rocket – lay a more secure foundation for the development of your energetic potentials and attainments, being true to the path that you are asked to walk each day, climb the stairs energetically when they appear.

Comfrey – brings contentment as the soul and heart unify as one powerful force – “I am the meeting and union of soul and heart.”

Grape – helps us to know at the most subtle level, our essential self, a strong tangible feeling of our own divinity.

Lemon – clarity for the mental body, for confused or veiled thinking, decisiveness where there is indecisiveness.

Painkiller Plant – assists in helping us to transcend painful experiences.

Painted Leaf – “I am the painted “sign” that shows you the path to take.”

Pink Water Lily – unburdens our hearts of their deepest aches and sorrows.

Pumpkin – excellent for those who procrastinate, gives momentum and follow through.

Purple Pea – still researching.

Queen Palm – refines nervous systems that have been numbed, often extremely sensitive individuals finding themselves in a collective consciousness that they cannot adapt to.

Sage – way shower, overseas the four directions, the gift of Sage is that even if it is dark, Sage shows the way to light, internal GPS.

Strawberry – clearly a heart essence, still researching.

White Nicotiana – most likely assists with overcoming nicotine addiction (calibrates at 1000 on a scale from 1-1000 in the calibration system developed by David Hawkins – see Power vs. Force.)


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